Becoming A Client

At Assante, we make sure you have all the information you need before making such an important decision as choosing a financial advisor.  We provide all prospective clients with a detailed advisor profile explanation of our services and a company overview that explains the advantages we offer to our clients.  We listen to your goals and dreams, evaluate your current financial situation, then formulate a plan to help you meet those goals.  In the end, you will have a plan that addresses all of your needs by providing the most effective solutions for you and your family.

To learn more about the benefits of being an Assante client, take a closer look at our customized approach below, or contact us at your convenience for a private consultation. 

At Assante, our goal is to work hand in hand with our clients and their professional advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.) along with the expert field teams available to our clients through United Financial's Wealth Planning Group.

Components and Focus of our Financial Plans 


  • We identify issues, bring ideas and opportunities to the table, and point clients in the right  direction
  • We refer clients to professionals with the required specialty knowledge to meet their needs
  • Investor Policy Statement-driven asset management
  • Consolidated reporting corporate class, T–Swip unit trust & segregated mandates
  • Cash flow analysis, debt repayment & goal planning strategies
  • Mortgage and loan calculators
  • Financial comparisons
    • RRSP vs Mtg
    • Leverage vs savings
    • TFSA Savings
  • Optimized portfolios, customizable & rebalanced to target  regularly 

Using borrowed money to finance the purchase of securities involves greater risk than using cash resources only.  If you borrow money to purchase securities, your responsibility to repay the loan and pay interest as required by its terms remains the same even if the value of the securities purchased declines. Note: Leveraging carries its own risks and is not for everyone.  Talk to your financial advisor for advice on properly managing those risks


Personal Risk Management Solutions:

  • Individual life, Disability, Critical Illness & long-term care
  • Retirement planning
  • Annuities
  • Guaranteed Income Solutions

 Corporate Risk Management Solutions:

  • Buy/Sell
  • Key Person
  • Group Coverage
  • Executive Compensation

 Insurance Options/Portfolios

  • Life (Universal Life, Estate bonds, Permanent, Term, Pension maximizations, Estate Preservations, Insured Annuity.)
  • Mortgage Protections
  • Critical Illness - (Term and Permanent)
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Group– Life, Dental and Health Insurance
  • Health and Welfare Trust


Tax Strategy Analysis & Recommendations

(Personal & Corporate) 

  • Tax-focused succession planning
  • Tax-efficient investment product recommendations
    • RRSP savings
    • RRSP vs TFSA
    • RRSP vs Excess Mortgage payments
  • Tax efficiency reviews on Non-Registered accounts, Income generating accounts and  Prescribed Annuities
  • Family business sale or succession
  • Use of $750K Capital Gains Exemption
  • Income Splitting within a family
  • Corporate tax deferral strategies other tax deferrals strategies
  • Owner/Manager Compensations


  • Guidance on Wills, Trusts and Power of  Attorney
  • Estate and succession tax planning advice
  • Counselling for inheritor-to-be
  • Personal Inventory Binder
  • Review the estate benefits of Estate Bonds, Insured Funds and Chartable Giving
  • Provide strategies on how to reduce probate and Lawyer Estate fees and improve ease of the estate transfer to the next generation
  • Taxations at death/rollovers, exemptions
  • Using testamentary trusts
  • Equalization between children
  • Second marriages / spousal trusts
  • US Estate tax considerations
  • Insurance need and uses



Insurance products and services are provided through Everitt-Wells & Gall Financial Group. Assante is not responsible for any service or product supplied through Everitt-Wells & Gall Financial Group,  Assante will monitor for conflicts of interest, and investigate any client complaints related to services offered by Everitt-Wells & Gall Financial Group.