United Finanical Wealth Planning Group

The United Financial Wealth Planning Group of CI Private Counsel LP offers many areas of expertise to our clients. The Wealth Planning Group consists of financial planning professionals and a number of lawyers, accountants and analysts. This group is available  to conduct research and prepare various types of wealth plans. The Wealth Planning Group will meet with clients and their advisors to explain and discuss these concepts and strategies. They makes it a point to work with and complement any existing plan put in place by the clients own professionals.To visit the United Financial Wealth Planning Group's website follow the link below.

United Financial Wealth Planning Group


DayStar Financial

Daystar Financial provides us with relationships to the top insurance suppliers available in Ontario.   Daystar has contracts with the full suite of manufactures and they are highly rated both from a relationship and productivity perspective.  Daystar is one of the top-tier MGA’s in Canada among major suppliers.  A full listing of their suppliers can be found on the link below.

Day star has built a strong network of strategic alliances which allows advisors to access experts in areas that fall outside of their core business.  These include:

  • Strata Benefit Consulting
  • FP advantage – Financial planning
  • Underwriting for U.S. Clients
  • Access to U.S. Markers for declined cases.