Client Experience

Peter and Carolyn Sterczyk

Daryl was introduced to us by a trusted friend many years ago.  We were newly married, bought our first home, and had started a family.  Along with that new phase of our lives came the usual  considerations for a secure future.  What if something unforeseen happens, how do we pay for higher education, and how can we afford to retire comfortably one day?  Daryl was not only instrumental in setting up the required insurance products and registered accounts, but in laying the foundation for a complete wealth management strategy going forward.  A true test of our plan came in 2020.  Despite it being an unprecedented time in many ways, we emerged from it still on track to exceed our long term financial goals.  The only thing we wish we could go back and change, is to have met Daryl years earlier.  Thanks for all your guidance and support.

 Peter and Caroline Sterczyk

Daryl has been managing our portfolio since 2004. He has been diligent in staying on top of things for us and giving our portfolio his personal attention even though our portfolio is relatively small. He reviewed our portfolio with us quarterly and more often in between if things came up and needed attention. One example was he gave me a call several years ago while we were on vacation to let us know certain segment market has taken a turn and he recommended for us to make some changes in our portfolio. As a result of that we have avoided a loss. More recently he reviewed my Notice of Assessment of my tax return and noticed I did not submit a significant part of my RRSP contribution. I was busy at the time and he checked with me several times on the status of the refiling and offered to provide any information my accountant may need to ensure the refiling was done. The resulting refile yielded a nice sum of tax refund; not very often you get money back from the CRA. He is always available to answer questions no matter how big or small and you would never feel you are bothering him or he is in a rush to get off the phone. He always respond promptly when I need information or a missing document (because of me misplacing them).

We want to say thank you Daryl, for being professional, efficient and taking good care of us.

-Johnson, Surrey