"I really appreciate David’s service.  I usually get answers to my questions back in an hour or two and David offers me additional insight and guidance that I had not even considered. Great service all around."

Walter Pranke
Ottawa, ON


"David, how can I miss with your kind of service?! When I received your x-mas wishes with the photo of the three of you, I thought: These people have class. It's a pleasure dealing with you and having you as my financial advisor."

Erich Spatzierer
Ottawa, ON


"Wow, I'm just astounded by the success of my portfolio. I sincerely trust everything you've been doing with my portfolio. I am indeed delighted that you are handling my life savings!"

Derek Hilton
North Gower, ON


"Level of service is excellent."

Don Gautier
Ottawa, ON


"Keep up the good work!"

 Eva Szczerba and John Eby
Ottawa, ON


"I've just been blown away by your service - your staff makes me feel like I'm your only client. Keep up the good work!"

Patricia Lawlor
Cantley, QC


"You are doing an excellent job!"

Richard Tanguay, P.Eng, MBA
Ottawa, ON


"Thank you David. Your services have been outstanding and we've really appreciated all the feedback you've provided us."

Tracie & Mike Hogan
Ottawa, ON


"We very much enjoyed seeing your financial advice in the Globe and Mail last week. We are very satisfied with the quality of advice and work that we have received from you and your staff over the past few years and a little public recognition is well deserved."

Eric Mainville and Catherine Lombardo, Economists
Orleans, ON


"Wow! Thanks for your quick work on this! As always, you exceed expectations!"

Mark Meyer and Sue Armstrong, DVM
Dunrobin, ON



"I've been very pleased with the service to date. I really appreciate the $600 tax savings because I would never have found that by myself."

Susan MacInnis
Halifax, NS


"Thanks very much for the quick and informative response to our queries. We are, as ever, very impressed with your attention, courtesy and professionalism."

Maurie & John Barrett, Ph.D
Ottawa, ON


"We're very satisfied with the work David has done on our behalf. He is always pleasant, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable."

Raina & John Toomey
Oxford Station, ON


"Your service has always been very efficient and prompt. No complaints."

Ruth & Harold Moffatt
Navan, ON


"I like that you've always been available to take a call when we have an issue/question, and that you don't hesitate to contact us when you have something you feel should be addressed."

Katherine & John Nolan
Manotick, ON


"My knowledge of the financial world is limited and I was looking for a new financial advisor. I believe in doing research to understand what I am getting into, especially when it comes to money and my future. So, I asked for references and went to eight introductory meetings with different financial advisors trying to find what was right for me. It was only a few minutes into the meeting with David that I knew I had finally found a good fit. David's advice made so much sense that I wondered why no one else had given me such an obvious option. It was because David actually listened to me, and then provided advice that matched my needs. I am truly pleased to be working with David and his team at Assante."

Christie Green
Ottawa, ON


"The word that comes to mind is trust."

Sandra Nagy
Ottawa, ON


"Thanks for the updates. I have to say your advice on risk-free investments [Manulife Advantage Account] for short-term horizons has saved us huge. I know it was just lucky timing, but I feel so good about that decision every time I hear the market fall further."

Andrew Goldstein, BA, MA (Economics)
Ottawa, ON


"Thanks for all your work to date. Although times are tough, it is somewhat less stressful having you handle our accounts. We feel much more informed about our investments since we have been with you."

Bill & Deb Kozak
Ottawa, ON


"I wanted to thank you so much for taking me on and tidying up my mess of investments. You have been so thorough, so professional and so quick. I really, really, really appreciate all that you have done for me."

Norah Seed
Ottawa, ON


"We really appreciate the time you took to review our situation and to come up with some suggestions that were realistic and well thought out. We weren't sure what to expect when meeting you for the first time, but what we wound up with was exactly what we were seeking: unbiased and quality advice that made good sense to us. Honestly, it was refreshing to speak with someone knowledgeable and experienced who took an interest in trying to help us out."

Tomoko Honda & Rob King
Ottawa, ON


"Spoke with Mike (the lawyer preparing our client's Will) today; he was impressed by your knowledge and sound judgment of my situation and what interventions should be taken. He asked me to tell you so as he has not always had this experience. A tribute to you as an individual and your professionalism."

Joann Michels
Ottawa, ON