Financial Planning

Financial planning is the central element of a successful financial future. Well over 60% of Canadians do not have a written financial plan. Our comprehensive financial planning process encompasses all elements of your current situation and objectives - we use modern software, and consult with tax and estate experts where required to complete a thorough review and identify opportunities. We prepare plans for all of our clients, from the pensioner to the more complicated entrepeneur with multiple companies - and we find opportunity to add value.

The financial planning process allows us to show you, in a simple way, how you can be successful.  Our process is informative, interactive, and easy to understand, with graphs and charts, not big tables filled with numbers.  Our process also allows us to look at multiple scenarios, like retiring earlier, or leaving a bigger estate. 

We look at the financial plan as the central road map, from which we can regularly measure progress, and monitor your success. 

We find that people don't "plan to fail, they "fail to plan".