Retirement & Elder Care


We have a number of clients who are now enjoying retirement.  Their common concerns surround 'will we have enough?'.  Most do not wish to be a burden to their families, while others want to leave a legacy, or make a charitable bequeath.  High on the list is ensuring every penny is saved from paying taxes.  We understand they want simplicity, stability, and that they want to have choices, and remain independent and in control.

Our holistic planning approach allows retirees to understand their financial situation today, as well as into the future. We provide easy to understand information and graphs - not a lot of charts and numbers.

We make it easy to be retired too.  After completing our analysis on income and expenses we can determine how much you need to draw from savings, on top of pensions, CPP, OAS etc., and we place that amount every month into your bank account, just like a paycheque. Simple, and easy.  We review your needs on a regular basis and can adjust the amount easily. If you have a plan to travel, upgrade your residence, or buy a new car, just call us and we will put whatever you need right into your chequing account in four working days,  with no additional cost.  It really is as easy as a phone call.

Elder Care

Many of us now are facing situations where we are being asked, or even required to care for our aging parents. As health care improves, and our parents are living longer, the need to properly manage their financial affairs becomes tantamount to enabling them to live comfortably.

There are many questions - "will we have enough?", or "what happens if I have to move into assisted care - can I (we) afford it?"  More often than not, our parents do not want to be a burden to their children.

We will do a comprehensive review of your parent(s) financial situation, review income and taxes, and make recommendations on how best to reduce those taxes.  We will review investments, and project income to the year 100 to ensure there are sufficient resources to meet their needs.  We will review investments to ensure they are appropriate.  We will offer ideas on how best to structure investments to minimize tax and maximize stability.

We will also offer to make it very simple and easy to get their needed income on a monthly basis and deposit that amount to their account. No need to go to the bank - if there is a need for extra money, it just takes a simple phone call, and there is no additional cost.  We will also provide easy to understand reports on performance of their investments, and we can also complete their tax returns for them to reduce their stress (and yours).

We understand that most people wish to remain in their home for as long as possible to protect their independence. We will provide ideas and information to assist your family.

How We Can Help

Through your hard work and dedication, you have established a comfortable retirement. You are now at the stage where you need a holistic approach to managing your wealth to ensure your funds will meet your requirements throughout your retirement.

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