A solid financial plan.


Markets are volatile, and it's clear the banks have their agendas. As you work toward your goal of comfort and stability in retirement, you shouldn't have to worry about complex market forces and onerous taxes eating away at your hard-earned money.


Imagine living comfortably knowing your children and grandchildren are financially secure. Maybe you wish to set up your dream foundation to leave something positive behind for the next generation. Building a financial plan with an unbiased PermaWealth advisor will show the way.

Your financial planner takes the time to really listen

We know the discomfort of feeling in-over-your-head. That's why we don't just create your financial plan, we walk you through it, so you feel confident about the implementation of the strategy. We're there for you when you have questions, and we never use complicated jargon or technical terms to impress or confuse you.

Whether you need independent wealth management, insurance, tax, or estate planning, your PermaWealth advisor has you covered. Our team has the technical expertise to help you create your unique financial plan. That's why we're here.


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The foolish try to predict the unpredictable—the wise focus on controlling the controllable.

Navigating complex market forces can lead to dangerous emotions.

Your PermaWealth advisor will help you overcome the challenges of managing your wealth. Our team specializes in measuring and managing key risk metrics, which include:

  • How you feel emotionally (Risk Tolerance)
  • How much you can afford (Risk Capacity)

Then, we make your financial goals a reality.


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Our Plan for You


Dr. Les Lavkulich

"I had good fortune when I decided to call Mr. Don Proteau at PermaWealth a few months before retiring. Don addressed my concerns without hesitation, reviewed my financial situation, and provided understandable portfolio advice and pension planning options. This flexible and evolving plan has far exceeded my expectations. I have also been most fortunate to receive advice and council from Ms. Josie Madunic, who advised on incorporating my family into the portfolio. It gives me peace of mind and a continuing positive outlook, to know I have a competent, caring, and effective team that has my well-being as their priority. I did make a great decision!"

Pamela Rosengren & Tom Liepins

“Brant and his team have helped us to retire with confidence that we will be in excellent financial shape for the rest of our lives. Their practical, detailed approach to planning combined with strong results in the implementation of our plan has made a big difference in our lives. Whether you are getting ready to retire or are already retired, we strongly recommend speaking with Brant and the PermaWealth team.”


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