Finding Reliable Financial Advice Can Be Just As Hard as Making a Financial Plan Yourself

Creating a financial plan for the future can be challenging. Unfortunately, finding the right advisor who can help you understand and manage your money can be just as difficult.

If you're feeling confused about who to turn or what you need to achieve your financial goals, PermaWealth advisors are here to help.

We Take the Time to Listen

We understand your anxiety because we've helped many clients through life's financial challenges. That's why we take a service-oriented and empathetic approach to financial planning.

If you want to feel good about your financial future, it starts with a chat.


Let's Chat

1. Discovery Meeting

We set up a discovery meeting to learn more about you. We analyze your financial circumstances and help you decide if we're the right fit to be your financial guide.

2. Risk Assessment

We assess your current risk level. Are you taking too much? Should you take more? We start the process of understanding your wealth goals and matching them to your portfolio design.

3. Plan Your Retirement

We help you plan your life with ample cash flow to fund retirement as you define it. Whether your retirement is now, next year, or in 30 years, you'll see what your financial future looks like before making critical choices.

Here's What You Can Expect

We care about our clients and want you to achieve your financial goals. Here are a few things you can expect when you work with us.

● Work with an advisor who is always available and ready to listen

● Learn about your money and what you can achieve with it

● A dynamic financial plan you feel good about

● Understand your tolerance and capacity for risk

● Overcome the emotional challenges of wealth management

● Feel confident about your future

Ready to Feel Good About Your Financial Future?

Your PermaWealth advisor is here for you--no matter how complex or straightforward your needs.

Schedule a call to chat with one of our advisors to get started.


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Here's What Our Clients are Saying About the PermaWealth Group:


"I had good fortune when I decided to call Mr. Don Proteau at PermaWealth a few months before retiring. Don addressed my concerns without hesitation, reviewed my financial situation, and provided understandable portfolio advice and pension planning options. This flexible and evolving plan has far exceeded my expectations.

It gives me peace of mind and a continuing positive outlook, to know I have a competent, caring, and effective team that has my well-being as their priority. I did make a great decision!"

Dr. Les Lavkulich

Brant and his team have helped us to retire with confidence that we will be in excellent financial shape for the rest of our lives. Their practical, detailed approach to planning combined with strong results in the implementation of our plan has made a big difference in our lives.

Whether you are getting ready to retire or are already retired, we strongly recommend speaking with Brant and the PermaWealth team.

Pamela Rosengren & Tom Liepins