(Latin) Earned, merited, having been earned or served, having done one's service.

As a Faculty member at the University of British Columbia you have reached the time in your long and distinguished career when retirement is no longer theoretical but a reality. Important decisions will have to be made in the near future and you want a clear roadmap to navigate the process.

Don Proteau and his team, Proteau Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.  have developed the Emeritus Retirement Process to provide you with the answers you seek. As experienced financial advisors they have provided confidential, customized, and independent financial advice for retiring and retired UBC faculty members since 1984.

To find out more and obtain useful retirement planning resource materials, just call Josie or Susanna at 604 687 PLAN or send a quick email to dproteau@assante.com to arrange a call from Don to start the discussion of your Emeritus vision.