Doug Hodgins, R.F.P., CFP, B.Comm., BA

Financial Advisor

Primary Role

To help my clients attain financial independence and the freedom to live a quality lifestyle of their choice.

Fast Facts

Senior Financial Planner (completed Certified Financial Planner Examination in 1996)
BCom, CFP, R.F.P., BA (P.E.)
Ideal Clients: Motivated clients who aspire to be financially independent

Maybe you’ve heard folks from the prairies say that there is something special about other folks from the prairies? Doug talks about it, too, listing what he calls “small town values”: loyalty, unpretentiousness, straightforwardness, “work until the work is done,” the supremacy of relationships.

(Doug is from Tisdale, SK, in case you were wondering!)

He believes we can’t survive alone, we have to “pull together” to reach our goals. He asks, “If you are not financially secure, how can you have peace of mind to go ahead with living your life?”

Together, he and his clients build a financial blueprint for the future, and then they respond to real life issues that disrupt the plan, solve the problems together, revise the plan… Regular adaptation is the real challenge and value in the service!

His jazz piano studies keep him thinking hard, and his golf and squash games keep him exercising hard!

Carlos Arostegui, BBA

Administrative Assistant

From taking care of all administrative requests to summarizing and debriefing after client meetings, Carlos’ main responsibility is to make sure that our practice runs smoothly. However, what he finds the most rewarding is when given the chance to take an active role in helping Doug and clients in formulating their plans for the future. He is convinced that our holistic, no non-sense approach and Doug’s 30+ years of experience is what sets us apart.

Carlos holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, is securities licensed and has a Certificate in Advanced Mutual Funds advice. He is currently working towards his Certified Financial Planner designation.

When not in the office, Carlos volunteers for a couple of non-profits including Green Chair Recycling and the Vancouver Board of Trade, where he sits on the Leaders of Tomorrow Strategic Committee.

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