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June 18, 2024 - Lyndsay Astley

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(The Process Of) Economic Normalization and What That Means for the Outlook

Some positive signs of economic normalization have emerged, yet fiscal policy is stuck in pandemic-era liberality. Find out how this misalignment could impact your portfolio....

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Determining which donation method suits you best

You can choose from at least seven common charitable giving methods—each with its own financial benefits. This may seem overwhelming, but we’ve got a way to simplify your choice....

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Profit by overcoming investment biases

Herd behaviour is often named as the most common investing bias. Can you believe financial behaviourists have identified more than 20 others? Learn about the ones to watch out for....

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How to avoid or minimize the OAS clawback

Will you ever be at risk of having your Old Age Security (OAS) pension clawed back? We’ve got four strategies to reduce the clawback—or even prevent it altogether....

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Do you and your spouse see investing the same way?

You may assume that spouses with opposite investment personalities face investing challenges, while those who think alike have it easy. Find out why the opposite may be true....

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Private Markets: Credit Over Equity

Alternative lenders are gaining traction as investors seek high yields, tight credit spreads, and low interest rate risk—goals that big banks and private equity can't deliver....

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Consider the timing of leaving an inheritance

You may automatically decide to leave an inheritance for your loved ones in your will. However, you might have reason to consider gifting the funds earlier—or even later....

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Market Pulse - The week in review - May 13th 2024

The Federal Reserve’s 1Q Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey revealed continued tightening in business lending standards and ongoing weakness in business loan demand....

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Market Pulse - The week in review - May 8

Momentum in the Canadian economy continued to slow with monthly GDP data for February soft at 0.15% MoM growth....

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Market Pulse - The week in review - April 26th 2024

US real GDP growth for 1Q24 was 1.6% annualized. This fell short of the consensus estimate (2.5%). Nonetheless, real final domestic demand growth was much stronger at 2.8% annualized....

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