Our Process

At Assante, we simplify your life by meeting all of your wealth management needs in one place. You may have a number of professionals who provide you with sound advice in their areas of expertise; however, each may be making recommendations without the full knowledge of the others' advice.

As your main source for all your wealth needs, I can help you make the right decisions. Through a personalized, comprehensive approach to wealth management, Assante provides access to a broad range of services and solutions supported by an in-house network of wealth planning experts including investment analysts, accountants, lawyers and estate planning consultants.



Listening & Setting Expectations

A thorough understanding of our client's financial situation, needs and goals is the first step towards recommending a wealth plan that will be successful for them.

Gathering Data

We complile all the necessary information to provide an accurate picture of our client's current financial situation, as well as their lifestyle objectives and plans for their estate.

Integrated Wealth Plan

The future begins with an integrated wealth plan - comprehensive, actionable and designed with your goals in mind.


We work with our clients and other professionals to ensure their plan can be implemented on a timely manner with their priorities in mind.

The process is ongoing and changing with them as their needs and goals change.