FAQs - Becoming a Client



How much money does it cost to have a relationship with a financial advisor?



Most Financial Advisors are happy to meet with potential clients. Most do not charge for an initial meeting. The advisor will be paid if you become a client by the fund company in the form of a trailer fee. They may also be paid a fee by the fund company at the time of investing. This cost is included in the Management Expense Ratio (every fund has a management expense ratio). This should be fully disclosed to the client at the time of investing. The bottom line is that you can often benefit from the advice of a Financial Advisor with no additional cost to yourself.






I currently go into my bank once a year and make an RSP contribution. How will it be different dealing with a personal advisor?



There are many advantages in dealing with a financial planner outside of the bank network. I can offer clients many products that are not available in bank branches. I have my insurance licence and this allows me to complete a full financial review. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and have over 25 years experience. Many bank clients express frustration as they are dealing with a different branch employee year after year. My clients benefit from dealing with one advisor who is familiar with their situation and is aware of their financial goals.