Financial Services

Financial Services


Our Nine Client Deliverables are supported by over 144 items on our Planning Checklist.  They represent our tangible and specific definition of comprehensive financial services.

1. Financial Road Map Update Meeting: A complete and thorough annual update of your Financial Road Map during which we focus on client values, goals, and benchmarking of progress.   It summarizes:

  • Your current assets and liabilities
  • Your needs’ expectations
  • Your emergency provisions
  • Your family protection provisions
  • Capital projections to fund your specific goals

2. The Greatest Probability Strategy (Your GPS): Delivery of your updated step-by-step Implementation Plan of Action summarizing your financial plan into a simple chronological list of every action item or recommendation for you by any member of our team.

3. Progress Reports: Delivery of your progress reports to you every four months. This simple summary of your assets is designed to show you the progress you are making benchmarked against the goals you have set for yourself.  

4. Growth Assets:  We have access to an exclusive suite of Managed Portfolio Solutions, that include portfolio construction and investment management, provided along with advice on the optimal strategy and on-going recommendations to deploy your assets.  These managed solutions are designed to adapt to the daily changes, bumps and grind and ups and downs of the market.  The portfolios are regularly monitored and systematically rebalanced to ensure they reflect your personalized plan, and help you accomplish the financial objectives you have set for yourself.   

5. Tax Planning: There are tax implications to each and every element of your financial plan, and we can advise on a whole arsenal of tactics aimed at minimizing your tax burden.  These strategies will help you paying as little as tax as possible while working, and having tax efficient income once you stop working.

6. Estate Planning:  We will fully review your Estate Plan with the objective of:

  • Ensuring your financially-related wishes are clearly established in your estate planning documents.
  • Making sure a sensible plan is in place to manage your assets if ever you are unable or unwilling to manage your own affairs.
  • Establishing a plan for your money to make it into the next generation and to survive beyond that.
  • Reducing taxes and estate fees where appropriate.

7. Goals: We commit to contacting you proactively prior to every goal date you have established to give you the summary of what was accomplished.  Once per year we will review your "Goal Blueprint" describing, in detail, strategies envisioned in your plan for the accumulation of assets and a specific funding plan for every goal on your Financial Road Map.

8. Cash and Debt Management: We work with you to establish adequate cash reserves to handle financial issues that come up in life. This involves establishing a debt elimination plan, if necessary, as well as major purchase assistance.

9. Comprehensive Safety Review: Once each year, and more often if necessary, we will have a meeting focused primarily on increasing the safety of your plan. We will identify possible risks to your plan and our team of skilled subject matter experts will contemplate best strategies to address them.  Our team will also fully review your insurance needs to determine the right kinds and amounts of coverage you should have.  Our review will take into account your existing policies.