Investment Advice

Investment Advice


Our goal is to help our clients have a successful investment experience - to obtain reliable returns and income, to avoid unneccessary risk, and to eliminate excess costs.


A successful investment experience begins with having a sound investment philosophy - a framework that guides how decisions are made and informs the advice and recommendations an advisor gives to clients.  Our investment philosophy is based on four points:


      1. Markets Work 

      2. Costs Matter

      3. Only Take Risks Worth Taking

      4. Diversification


The second element of a successful investment experience is having a clear and consistent process for making and monitoring investments.  Our process consists of four steps:


     1. Setting Investment Parameters (including risk and personal preferences)

     2. Determining an Appropriate Investment Mix

     3. Rebalancing

     4. Monitoring Results


Grow and preserve your wealth with a proven investment approach.  An approach based not on speculation but on the science of capital markets; supported by decades of research.