Lifetime Financial Planning

Financial planning should always be carried out based on a clear knowledge of the financial and lifestyle goals of the investor, whether a business owner or a private investor.  The Drabble Private Client Group uses a tried and proven approach  involving the creation of a Wealth Management Plan that guides your unique wealth strategy. 
The Wealth Management Plan becomes the foundation of your strategy, and incorporates your short- and long-term objectives.  This ‘roadmap’ is reviewed periodically, and may be revised as your short-term,  long-term needs or situation changes. 

The key characteristics of this approach are:

During our first meeting with you we will establish what your needs, goals, and objectives are.  This will not only include your financial objectives expressed in hard dollars, but also any planned or expected changes to your lifestyle, e.g. early retirement, the purchase of another property, the need to provide educational funds for new family members etc.  The Wealth Management Plan is formal and structured and it summarizes your current financial status and your future financial expectations and goals.

Using facts and calculated assumptions specific to your situation, we analyze your needs and begin to formulate solutions.  This is done by using the collective expertise within the practice, and, where necessary, the skills of external specialists to whom we have access.  This step culminates in an integrated suite of solutions to meet your objectives. 

Our second meeting is to review and explain our recommendations.  Based on your feedback, amendments to your Wealth Management Plan may be made, resulting in a well-rounded and personailized wealth management strategy.  At this stage, the necessary solutions will have been identified, and this will form part of the proposal.

Upon your approval of our recommendations, we will implement the solutions by procuring the products agreed.  Upon completion, we will send you a complete summary of the acquired solutions, which forms an integral part of your Wealth Management Plan.

Your Plan is a working document in constant review, it is not static. We monitor your Plan and regularly review it with you to ensure that it continues to optimally fulfill your objectives.

We value and understand the trust that our clients place in us.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the objective advice that we provide, as well as our attention and responsiveness towards our clients.