If You Are A Private Investor

Our Process

At The Drabble Private Client Group, our ability to provide meaningful Wealth Management advice and services is dependent on gaining a full understanding of your personal and financial needs, aspirations, goals, and objectives.

We will spend time with you to review your current and future intentions.  For instance, you may intend to retire early, relocate either within or outside of Canada, or even start a post-retirement business.

This will be complemented by your financial and wealth management quantitative needs and objectives.  This information is captured and documented in a formal, structured manner, and validated with you before we proceed to the next step.

Our next step is to analyze your goals and formulate optimum strategies and solutions to fulfill them.  This is typically done by engaging the full spectrum of skills in the practice, and where appropriate, external specialists will be involved also.  This step culminates in an integrated suite of solutions to meet your objectives.

We then review and explain our recommendations with you.  Where necessary, we amend or enhance our recommendations based on your feedback.  As a result, there is now a documented and agreed Plan of your wealth management needs.  At this stage the necessary products will have been identified and this will form part of the proposal.

When you have approved the recommendations, we then implement the solutions by procuring the wealth management products and services agreed.  When complete, we send you a complete summary of solutions acquired, and this forms an integral part of your Wealth Management Plan.

Your Plan is flexible.  At regular intervals, we review your Plan with you and, where appropriate, with your agreement, we make amendments to reflect changes in your current situation, likely future need changes, or to take advantage of changes to the wealth management solutions available.

We understand the trust that our clients place in us.  We pride ourselves on the quality of objective advice that we provide, and on the attention and responsiveness towards our clients.

We take very seriously our responsibility as our clients' trusted Advisor.

In summary, we offer,

Needs-Focused Solutions

- Strong emphasis on tax efficiency for straightforward and complex situations.

- Informative and objective advice in keeping with our reputation as your Trusted Advisor.

- Protection and growth of the wealth you have worked hard to achieve.  We plan to ensure that your wealth management requirements are met during your lifetime.

A Structured Approach

- A proven process of consultation to establish your financial needs and objectives as well as your risk tolerance and timelines

- Preparation and on-going monitoring of your personalized Wealth Management Plan

A Skilled, Experienced, and Responsive Team

- A Senior Financial Advisor with more than 30 years of industry experience, together with a highly skilled and experienced team.

- Individualized planning:  we only promote the products and solutions that will best cater to your present and future goals.

- A "one-source suite of solutions" for most of your Wealth Management needs

- Excellent response time and our dedication to always maintain open lines of communication with you.

A Track Record of Success

- An enviable track record of success, illustrated in part by the number of our long-term clients and referrals.

- The skill and experience necessary to recognize trends in the market and identify opportunities that may be of interest to you and possibly greatly benefit your wealth management plans.

Access to Specialized Skills as Required

- Support by the extensive resources at Assante, and the ability to call on the services of specialists as required.