Retirement Planning

No matter what stage of life you're in - retiring soon, already retired, or just starting your retirement planning, we can help you plan for and enjoy a financially secure retirement.

A comprehensive Wealth Management Plan is particularly valuable when planning for retirement.  Most people want to ensure, that during their high earning working years, they make adequate provision for their retirement.

While there are many vehicles to do this, an understanding of our client's situation and needs is critical to help us optimize financial assets and minimize any tax burden, based on the client's particular circumstances.  For instance, options may include the ability to provide a guaranteed cash flow for life upon retirement, or, for business owners, to convert RSP funds into a pension plan. As well, where appropriate, we can explore the legitimate transfer of funds between spouses to minimize any tax impact.

The Drabble Private Client Group helps select the best strategy for your needs so that you do not outlive your money.