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 What our clients have to say:


"Laura has been instrumental in helping us work through our investment and retirement planning.

Her knowledge and professionalism and her patience answering ALL of our questions has been very reassuring.

I love attending her information sessions and have learned so much.

We have recommended Laura to countless friends and family members and will continue to do so in the future." - M.G.

"Laura, with her excellent wisdom and advice, changed the direction of my life as a solo,  self-employed parent. She not only has a deep understanding of economics and investments, she is savvy and well-informed when it comes to real world issues facing women In business. Laura makes herself available on every level to her clients as she works to understand and consider the whole picture of a person’s current realities and future dreams. At 55 years old I attribute my safety and financial security to Laura’s wisdom, advice, and consistent unparalleled care." - H.M. 

"I arrived at Laura’s office with much fear and anguish about my financial future. I thought I was going to have to work forever. Laura was so dedicated to me; sometimes I asked her the same question multiple times and she would reply to me in different ways until everything was clear. I never left the meeting with a doubt. I followed all her suggestions, and my portfolio grew in a way that I would have never been able to do alone. Now it is realistic for me to plan for retirement. Whatever plan I have, I run it through her, it simply makes me feel safe and it works in my best interest.  I can’t thank Laura enough." - M.B.

"I met Laura Southall back in December 2014 and I am very fortunate to have had her as my financial advisor for the past 7 years. From the very beginning, my financial portfolio has been in excellent hands under her watchful eye. Laura makes herself available to respond to all of my questions and is proactive in bringing matters to my attention for discussion. We meet as often as needed, generally once or twice a year to review my portfolio and discuss adjustments that could be made. With Laura managing my portfolio, I have peace of mind and the confidence in my financial prosperity now and in the future." - A.C.

"Laura and her team make learning about finances, enjoyable and easy.  Laura’s webinars are straightforward, extremely informative, and life-changing.  She is quick to answer emailed questions and is always available to meet with us when we need to discuss our financial matters in more detail.  We have and will continue to recommend Laura as “an amazing financial advisor”.  Thank you Laura and team for changing our financial lives for the better."   M.D. & K.D.

Laura Southall, CFP®, CLU®

Senior Wealth Advisor
Assante Financial Management Ltd.