Client Testimonials

I just thought I would give you some feedback on the process that culminated in last week's meeting & Wealth Planning Report (WPR). The process of providing you with information about our current balance sheet, cash flow & planning documents such as wills & powers of attorney was in itself a good exercise, albeit time consuming. I felt I had all of this stuff well organized, and generally still feel that way, but in bringing it together for someone else, was forced to clean up my act a bit, and along the way review some of the stuff with my husband, who until this process began had snapshots rather than a feature length film's view of our financial position. The data validation report was also an important tool in this process. The fact that I have multiple filing systems because I split my time between three locations, is another reason this process was so important to us. Receiving the WPR a week in advance of the meeting was also very helpful to us as it allowed both of us to understand it far better than had we been presented it for the first time in a meeting. We realize that this may not be the best approach for some clients as a two inch thick presentation can be overwhelming, but for many people it is a good idea. Conducting the meeting to present the material is no doubt difficult as we are so vested in the information and recommendations, causing frequent sidetracking, but you did a great job of getting us from "a" to "b", and we were very impressed with your knowledge of our file as well as your general knowledge of law, tax and insurance products, for example. The fact that our outstanding action items are so few is a testament to that. I think presenting at the client's location is also an important step in the process of getting to know who you are dealing with, not to mention very convenient for us. From our perspective, "Private Client" best distinguishes itself if it continues to work hard at being a "relationship" product. The WPR is a wonderful overview to bring someone such as an executor up to speed on the family's situation and serves as a base going forward, from which to track the evolution of our financial picture. As my husband & I are at that stage where we want to start putting more of our financial affairs on autopilot than we have in the past, we are now more confident that we made a good choice with your organization, and it would be a natural evolution as other existing investments become liquid to move those funds into this program. We look forward to completing the remainder of this step and continuing the process in the future.

— Shane, Michelle & Lauren

Shane Kirby: Regional Wealth Planner, United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP

Michelle Connolly: Regional Vice President, United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP

I am able to work with them on larger, more complex client wealth plans. Client names have been omitted to protect confidentiality.