More Income, less risk

Will you have enough money to enjoy retirement as long as you live?

Most retirees are worried about outliving their retirement savings. Studies* have shown people with annuitized income are happiest, according to retirees with similar wealth and health characteristics. Payout annuities can provide the highest level of guaranteed monthly income in retirement.  

Turn part of your retirment savings into payout annuity can provide income for life regardless of what happens to interest rates or market volatility.  And that's not all, with a guaranteed period it can cover the possibility of pre-mature death before breaking even.

Majority** of Canadian don't know how payout annuities work, and one of the biggest misconception is that they are not confident they'll receive the principal back.  We can show you how a life annuity can help form the foundation your retirement income along with your government retirement benefits.

Call us today to schedule a no cost and no obligation meeting.  We will help you to join the Happiness Movement with a guaranteed retirement income for life.


Source: *2014 Sun Life Canadian Health Index.  ** 2014 Sun Life Canadian Unretirement index.  When asked, "How well you understand how life annuities work?", 62% of respondents said not at all well.





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