Fee Transparency

When you become a client we take the time to walk you through our fees and how they are charged. In addition, our fees are reported to you on our statements on an annual basis.

  • Family Fee rate
    • For families that work with us we provide a discount to all family members.
  • Fee reductions
    • As your portfolio grows we can lower your fees
  • Liquidity
    • We do not recommend investments with associated redemption fees, which means our clients are not locked in to an investment. We also do not charge any type of transactional fee.
  • Tax deductibility
    • The fees we charge can sometimes be deducted against your income taxes in non-registered accounts.

Value of Financial Advice

Like the Rubik’s Cube, your financial matters can’t be solved one piece at a time. It requires synchronizing all of the elements of your wealth – investments, tax, retirement savings, estate and insurance. These additional services can result in additional tax savings and therefore boost your overall net return. That is to say you can have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

There are many studies that prove that investors who work with financial advisors have outsized financial success and higher personal satisfaction compared to those who go it alone. For example, the below IFIC study from 2011 showed that the average stock fund return was 8.2% between 1992 and 2011, however the average investor during that time period only made 3.5% annually. How could this be? It is the result of investors buying when the fund is doing well and selling when the fund is doing poorly. Investor behaviour is another key aspect that determines your overall returns, and is quite often detrimental. We can help avoid this big mistake.