Intergenerational Planning

You’ve prepared the money for your family, but have you prepared your family for the money?

Most families do not discuss wealth openly. Family wealth planning and finance conversations in general can be uncomfortable for all generations. A few concerns we often hear are:

  • I want to provide my children/grandchildren financial assistance now, but I don't know how.
  • I want to help my children purchase a home, however I want to keep control of my investment
  • I want to prepare my family for what they will receive, but I don’t want to reveal my own finances at this time.
  • I know my children/grandchildren think differently than me. How do I communicate my values and philosophies about money, savings, and investing to them?


Intergenerational planning is more than just estate planning and leaving a legacy is more than just leaving behind money to your heirs. Not only that, but every family has different relationship dynamics. Of course there is always a lot of importance placed on the wealth transfer, asset transfer, or business succession. However intergenerational wealth planning is also about transferring one's values so that they may be honored in the long-term.

Done right, intergenerational wealth planning can overcome conflict, protect your heirs and assets, share your values and philosophies, and ensure your wishes are carried out. All the while ensuring you remain financially independent.