Guiding Principles

Our approach to Wealth Planning is framed by a set of guiding principles which inform the way we deliver advice to our clients.


Unbiased Advice

We pride ourselves in being independant and providing unbiased advice. We are able to do so because we are owners of our business rather than salaried employees of a corporate firm. This means we have a vested interest in the success of our clients. It also means we are not incentivized to sell any proprietary products. We strive to be great advisors, not great salesmen. 

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Long term Discipline

We are goal-focused and planning-driven, as opposed to market-focused and current-events driven. Put another way, we help our clients develop a long term perspective and set aside short term distractions. It is beneficial in investing, it is beneficial in business and it is beneficial in life. 

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Diversified Investing

We do not have a crystal ball so we can not predict with certainty on what will happen in the future, and we are wary of anybody who claims they can. Asset allocation and consistency is the biggest determinant of long term performance rather than timing the market, picking the hottest stock or asset class, or a star fund manager.  

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Fee Transparency

We believe investment fees should not be hidden or undecipherable and we take the time to explain how our fees are charged.

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Our Process

Our process is very consultative in order to come to the solutions we might recommend. Even then, once the solutions are in place, they can change based on new circumstances. Below is a general overview of the process we undertake for new and current clients. 


When we first meet we want to get to know you. No fancy charts or numbers to begin with - we believe in good old-fashioned conversation and connection.  We will discuss your lifestyle, goals and objectives and create a portrait of your financial situation. 


We will collect the data we need from you and, if needed, consult with your professional network (ie, accountant, lawyer, etc) to conduct a thorough analysis of your present situation. 


Implementation of the Wealth Plan

Monitor & Review.  

We will meet on a regular basis to monitor your evolving needs and goals in light of changes in your life as well as in the financial markets.