A Successful Investment Strategy

The starting point for a successful investment plan is when Marylou Heenan stands in your shoes and understands your current situation, your values and your dreams. This is key in the “Know Your Client” process which begins the client-advisor relationship. Next, Marylou proposes an investment strategy for you and once you have agreed to it, she recommends the investment mix that is most suited to you. This is different for each client according to his/her own situation.
After implementation of the strategy, Marylou continuously monitors your portfolio and communicates with you. It is important for you to be invested for the long term; however, throughout the years and reviews of your situation and the results of your investments, you may decide to alter the mix based on changes in your work and family life, your dreams, and/or changes in the economy. You can count on Marylou Heenan to work with you to devise strategies for wealth creation and preservation.

Accumulating wealth for retirement and managing income in retirement require very different strategies.  Investment withdrawals must be planned to avoid excessive taxation and erosion of hard-earned savings by inflation or poorly planned withdrawals.  As a Registered Retirement Consultant, Marylou brings the needed skills to your retirement portfolio.

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