Client Testimonials

In these times of global uncertainty, we feel completely at ease to have Paul Donato and the Dundas Valley Private Wealth Counsel team manage our investments. Paul and his team of financial planners have far exceeded our expectations. With an impeccable long-standing track record, they have helped us navigate through the complex waters of incorporation, investing and financial planning, always in a warm, patient and personable manner. As medical professionals with partial knowledge in finance, we have found the process to be simple and comprehensible. Most importantly, Paul and the team have given us the peace of mind to know that our financial future is secure.

— Dr. Nadia Gammal and Dr. Max Montalvo

I have been a client of Paul Donato for 12 years and I only wish I had been introduced to him sooner. I am a senior which makes my portfolio very important to maintain my life style. Over the years and through the 2008 market setback Paul always gave me confidence in my portfolio. And, he was right! What sets Paul apart and above is he “LISTENS” .

— Des White

Jen and I have worked with Paul since we started investing and he got started as an advisor. Paul has always offered honest, straight forward advice and a solid foundation with a value based approach to investing. We have developed a long lasting business relationship as well as a solid friendship over the years that has provided great comfort even in the challenging times of market volatility.

— Greg & Dr. Jennifer Macmillan

I have known Paul Donato for around 25 years. He is an astute businessman with a great understanding of market forces and trends and how money should be invested, Ever since I put my portfolio in his hands I have gained a lot of trust in his expertise and advice and am really "hands free", comfortable that my money is in good hands and growth objectives are being met. My family have also put their finances in Paul's very capable hands. Paul is a good man, a solid family man and a man who I have enjoyed working with and will continue to work with way into the future.

— Alwin Noronha