Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We service high net worth families and businesses of $1million and up.

Our investment approach is founded on the principles of value investing. Choosing the right mentors in life is crucial, and we have been fortunate to learn from the experiences and writings of super investors like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and others.

At Dundas Valley Private Wealth Counsel we intentionally cater to a smaller, select group of clients, so that we can be more closely in tune with what’s important to them.

Cost is not the same as worth. To properly evaluate whether something merits our investment, we delve into details that many others might miss.

Dundas Valley Private Wealth Counsel has never shied away from making big decisions. We aim to capitalize when we see tremendous opportunity and to protect our client's capital. By filtering out the noise and emotions, we gain a better perspective of the market.

Our Family Office Model

Family Legacy 

• Family Philosophy Development

• Strategic Mentoring

• Philanthropy Identification

• Financial Literacy



• Administrative Services

• Reporting Consolidation

• Advisor Coordination

• Referral Services

• Concierge Services – Lifestyle


Investment Selection 

• Risk & Asset Allocation

• Tax and Estate Management

• Performance Review

• Portfolio Re-balance


Risk Management 

• Asset Preservation

• Asset Location


Integrated Planning 

• Tax Planning

• Business Succession

• Retirement Visioning


Health & Lifestyle Management 

• Family Health History

• Baseline Assessment & Health Goals

• Performance Monitoring



• Philanthropic Desire Identification

• Tax Efficient Giving

• Family Education