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Nous reconnaissons que vous avez travaillé fort pour acquérir votre patrimoine. Nous savons aussi que vous souhaitez faire du bon travail, bien investir et transmettre non seulement votre patrimoine, mais aussi vos valeurs aux prochaines générations. Nous savons également que la gestion de votre patrimoine peut être complexe et prendre beaucoup de temps. En tant que conseiller Assante, nous vous aiderons à définir et à hiérarchiser chacun de vos objectifs et nous élaborerons un plan patrimonial complet qui vous permettra de les atteindre. Ensuite, nous vous accompagnerons tout au long de votre vie pour vous aider à relever tous les défis et à surmonter toutes les difficultés que vous pourriez rencontrer en cours de route.

Richard Widdifield, CFP

Financial Advisor

Rich has been a Financial Advisor since 1998. His entire career has been with Assante Capital Management Ltd. Rich is a CFP professional licensed to provide investments (including securities and mutual funds) and life and living benefits insurance.

He began his career working with his father on Vancouver Island. Rich was fortunate to learn from an advisor with over 30 years experience, and they still discuss financial planning frequently. Having access to that experience is incredibly valuable.

In 2000, Rich moved to Vancouver and started his own practice. In those early years of difficult markets, Rich began to see the value in personal financial planning and giving clients a plan that focuses on much more than their investments, in areas they can control.

Rich works primarily with high income earners in their maximum earning years. Much of his client base is made up of business owners, high income professionals, and professional athletes with complex needs, wishing to maximize savings and minimize tax. Rich takes pride in helping clients develop a clear plan of what they need to do to successfully navigate the transition to retirement – all while enjoying life today.

Rich grew up in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island. After high school he moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University, where he studied Commerce.

After university, he worked for a radio station and then as a manager for a very successful small business. In 1993, he moved to Victoria where he was with a food distribution company. It was in those 3 positions that Rich had the opportunity to work with and observe a number of small businesses – both successful and struggling.  Having seen all that a business owner or successful professional has to deal with, has enabled Rich focus on making financial planning clear and flexible with easy to implement strategies.

Rich’s objective is to put clients in control of their finances and their financial future. He gives them the tools and information to make educated decisions that help them to achieve their goals. Without a huge time commitment, this allows clients to know where they stand and where they are going, as well as providing peace of mind, knowing that this important area is taken care of.

Rich has a vast knowledge in the areas of investments, risk management, tax planning and personal finance, specifically in debt and cash flow management. This provides him the prospect of locating opportunities for clients to consistently increase their net worth without sacrificing their present lifestyle.

Rich resides in Tsawwassen, BC with his wife Andrea and their two dogs. His stepdaughter, Kaela recently graduated from Acadia University and lives in London, England.

Outside of work, Rich loves to watch and play sports. He and Andrea enjoy golfing with friends and family at Beach Grove Golf Club in Tsawwassen and curling at the Tunnel Town Curling Club. Rich plays hockey and he and Andrea have season tickets to the Canucks. They also enjoy traveling, cooking, and learning about (and tasting!!) wine. Rich has also run 4 marathons, including Chicago, New York and Boston.


Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

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Chez Gestion de patrimoine Assante CI, nous travaillerons avec vous pour développer une stratégie de gestion de patrimoine personnalisée afin de répondre à toutes vos étapes financières. Votre plan sera conçu en fonction de vos objectifs et de vos besoins, élaboré avec les meilleurs investissements du marché et surveillé en permanence afin de vous aider à créer l’avenir que vous désirez.

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une solution financière qui simplifiera et améliorera votre vie, veuillez me contacter pour une consultation confidentielle.



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