Our Clients

Our clients are high income earners including:

  • Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Professional Athletes 

The common trait with these different groups is their desire to simplify their already complicated lives.  They want one primary point of contact for all of their financial affairs.  They want someone to co-ordinate and organize their affairs holistically.  Most importantly they want a team with the expertise and knowledge to advise on a wide range of financial issues and products.  

Our clients are accumulating wealth very quickly.  With wealth comes complications.  Our desire is to simplify, provide clarity, coach and make our strategies automatic.  Every day clients can be assured there are people working on their financial affairs, allowing them to focus on their careers and families.

Our clients are individuals and they are families.  We ensure all of the important areas are covered so that their families are taken care of – no matter what happens.  We also help them plan for important family milestones such as marriage, the birth of children and grandchildren, post secondary education for family members and major purchases such as houses, vacation houses and vehicles.

Our clients are saving for retirement and we help assure they get there on time, in solid financial shape.  We also help them transition to retirement and understand how their income and tax situation will change.  On the flip side we help them analyze their expenses so they can control their expenditures.  In our opinion this is an incredibly important area that few financial advisors focus enough (if any) time on. 

Our clients are our partners.  They provide us with very personal information and they pay us.  We in turn take care of their affairs as we would our own families.  And when we do well by our clients, we are proud to say they provide us with referrals.  Our goal is for these partnerships to last for decades.  Everything we do is with that goal in mind.