Wealth Management Solutions

(Maximum 20 households) - Currently looking to add up to 10 new households


Typical Clients:

Clients who choose my wealth management service package are individuals, small business owners, or families with combined investable assets greater then $500,000 who are aligned with my wealth management philosophy. 


They require assisstance in other financial areas of their lives beyond just investing and do not want to put the time and/or effort into managing their affairs on their own. They also want a more personalized service delivery.


What You get:

Investment Planning Deliverable

Each member of the household will recieve a  portfolio recommendation suited to their individual needs as well as implementation and ongoing management.


Financial Planning Deliverable

The head of the household will recieve a fully comprehensive financial plan containing all of the major topic areas of financial planning. It is typically about 10-15 pages in length. It will contain insights and notes as well as recommendations, and action steps as applicable. 



Personalized Cash Review

This is a review of the cash in your accounts and a recommendation of where to invest them. This is usually done via email or phone call.


Market Updates and Education Opportunities

This is a breakdown of the newsworthy events from the month prior. It also includes links and insights to various useful websites and articles. This is done by email.



Portfolio Review

This is a broader level review of the portfolio and whether we need to adjust the risk, and /or asset allocations. 


Semi Annual 

Financial Plan Review

A detailed review and/or update of your financial plan. This is designed for me to check in to see if there are any specific material changes to your personal or family situation that may impact your plan in the long term. 




1Annual General Meeting (January – March)

This meeting is designed to be general and somewhat informal. it is an overview of a varety of topics and it maps out the year ahead. 



1Investment Focus Meeting (April – July)

This meeting is designed to have more of an emphasis on your investment portfolio. We will do a deeper analysis into how the portfolio is performing and meeting your needs and whether there are any significant changes to be made. 



1Wealth Management Focus Meeting (August – December)

This meeting is designed with the overall wealth plan in mind. We will review the progress we have made and the things that need improvement. 



Email and telephone access for general investment advice.


Additional Solutions Included

2Insurance Services (as required)

3Annual Tax Preparation



Please see the pricing breakdown here.



1Meetings can be facilitated face to face, via phone, or online. House visits can be accomodated as needed.


2Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.


3Tax preparation products and services are provided through Ryan Napier - Tax Preparation, an independent company unrelated to Assante Capital Management Ltd. ("ACM"). Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are provided through ACM, a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ("CIPF") and Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. Only those services offered through ACM are covered by CIPF.


Service delivery method is negotiable based on client needs.

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