Wealth Management 



My Philosophy

To me, wealth management is all about acheiving your financial freedom. This freedom is attained by securing you and your families' financial security . Attaining financial seurity allows us to be free to live unencombered from the demands of others. Once we break this barrier we are free to lead more purposeful and enriching lives and spend time with the ones we love the most. 


Like all good things, financial freedom does not come without hard work. It takes forward thinking, planning, and years of discipline to stay on track. I believe that everyone has the capability to achieve financial freedom but do not always posses the knowledge and discipline needed to get there. 


Cue the modern day wealth advisor...

Wealth management is so much more then just numbers. Wealth can mean different things to all of us and often changes as our lives progress.  Take perhaps: a young university graduate trying to save enough to finally move out of their parents house, a young professional with c suite ambitions, young parents who want to give their children an educational opportunity, empty nesters looking to secure the retirement of their dreams, or grandparents looking to build a lasting legacy. 


A wealth advisor professional  is someone who is there for you every step of the way. I seek to bring clarity and meaning to your financial decisions by removing the distractions and providing you with a path forward that is transparent and easy to follow.


The Approach


My approach to wealth management is multi-faceted and it involves a cohesive integration between these three disciplines: human behaviour, financial planning, and investment planning.


Human Behaviour

Behaviour is the driver of the entire wealth management machine. For it to run effectivly we need to consider things such as our: lifestyles, decision making process, and behavioural biases (blindspots). Below are some important considerations:


  • Do my habits align with my  wealth plan?
  • Am I getting everything I can out of my career?

Decision Making:

  • How do I make important decisions?
  • Who else needs to be involved?


  • Do I think logically when making financial decisions?
  • How do I typically rationalize my financial decisions?


 The goal is to align our behaviour with the goals of the wealth building strategy.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is  the most important cog of a wealth building machine. For a strategy to be effective It should be the driver of our financial decisions and should ultimatly give us purpose and perspective when making investment decisions. 


Gone are the days of 40 page financial plans that you store in a file and forget about. Hello are the days of using artifical intelligence and data science to give us the information we need. I seek to use data in such a way that allows your financial plan to sort trough the nonsense, make smart estimates, and get straight to the point. It is often summarized in about 10 pages, making it much easier to digest. It also sets clear targets for how to achieve your wealth strategy. 


Investment Planning

Investment is the tool that we select to construct the foundation of your wealth. Ultimately we want to make sure that we select a tool that is consistent with your financial plan and contributes to long term sustainable wealth and not short term unfounded speculation. 


My investment philosophy is designed around taking the "institutional" approach to allocating capital and does not subscribe to the same allocations you might see in a traditional equity/ bond portfolio. Read more about my investment philosophy here.

Does this resonate with you?

If you would like to learn more please let me know.