What Our Clients Are Saying

We have recently visited Tony for financial advice as I am planning to retire and wanted to speak with a financial advisor. Tony was very helpful with his tips and we ended up consolidating our financial portfolio with Assante Capital Management Ltd. Tony advised us to rewrite our Wills and start up a TFSA. We now have a picture of our investments and a direction to go forward. Tony was very helpful and was able to explain things at our level of understanding. He has a good sense of humour which is helpful as we tend to picture Financial Advisors as rather dry and serious. Overall, our experience with Assante Capital Management Ltd. has been very positive. We are confident that Tony will manage our investments well and give us good advice.

— Rob Jackson
September 19, 2015

This winter I had a decision to make as my long-time investment advisor from a stock brokerage of a major bank retired in the fall of 2013. As a result, I was left with another advisor assigned to me by the bank. I had been aware of Tony Katarynych at Assante so I decided to investigate the possibility of moving my investments under his direction. For me, communication is the key to a trusting business relationship and Tony took the time to clearly explain the benefits of a properly managed portfolio. I found Tony to be very articulate and knowledgeable and he made things easy for me to understand. Tony explained the common pitfalls of investing and clearly illustrated how they can easily be avoided. Tony and his team made the transfer seamless and very convenient. I am certain that my investments will receive the attention that will provide me with the most benefit. Tony operates with integrity and with the long-term interests of his clients and I would strongly recommend him without any hesitation.

— Cynthia

I have been a client of Tony Katarynych since the mid-1980s when I was approaching 40 years of age. Tony had been advising my parents for a number of years and had made good investment decisions for them. Although I had an MBA and was well versed in fiscal management theory, I did not care to look after my own money so I asked Tony to look after it for me. For the past 20 years Tony has been my ideal analyst/advisor. He and his staff do all the work. Occasionally I have to sign a form or state a preference… but that’s all. The fact that he operates out of Orillia and I live in Toronto has had no negative impact thanks to phone, fax, and email technologies. I trust Tony’s judgment implicitly. He demonstrates an advanced knowledge of the investment market that I could never hope to acquire… even should I want to. Thanks to Tony, I feel confident that I will be able to retire with the funds necessary to enjoy my golden years.

— Valerie E.
Software Consultant


We would just like to say how much we have appreciated our relationship with you as our personal financial advisor over the past 10 years. We moved from Ontario several years ago, and even with the distance between you and us we have always received prompt and knowledgeable service and advice. Thanks for your ongoing support!

— Charlie & Susan P.
Business owners

This comes by way of a thank you for your excellent service over the last few years. You came highly recommended, we had high expectations and you did not disappoint. You have followed up on all my questions and phone calls promptly, and have arranged consultations on a regular basis. If my questions were out of your range of expertise or you just needed to be expounded on, you procured the services of a specialist in that particular field. You are very comfortable and easy to talk to, Tony, explaining carefully and patiently. You have never promoted your own agendas; always the client’s best interests are foremost in your thoughts. All this attention for a very, very small investor! Thank you again.

— Lois & Bill T.
Business owners

We had a dream to retire at an early age. When that time came, the decision was huge, and the questions many. Tony and the team at Assante helped us understand all the things we needed to know. From investment and tax strategies to life insurance and estate planning, Tony has helped us make our dream a reality, and we are now enjoying everything we worked for. Assante (Tony) is our most valuable asset!

— Joe C. & Jan P.
Retired business owners


Tony and his staff are always cheerful, friendly, and available if advice is required. He personally contacts me at least twice annually to inquire about any concerns and to reinforce service or just to chat. I have known Tony approximately twenty years, attending his pre-retirement seminars and absorbing his information and advice. Even so, I was hesitant to transfer my rather small and constantly diminishing portfolio. About thirteen years ago I finally took the “leap of faith” and asked Tony to manage my portfolio future. WHY DID I WAIT? He set up and managed an account for my daughter’s university education. I felt it was sufficient for three years only. She was able to attend four years and graduate with an honours degree, debt free, and still had some funds left. She and her new fiancé have portfolios with Tony. My portfolio has more than doubled and continues to grow even though I am in the fifth year of mandatory RRIF withdrawals. It is not an aggressive portfolio, however, Tony’s knowledge, expertise, and caring has and is assuring me worry-free retirement years.

— Dorothy P.

Entering the world of financial investment was intimidating with little knowledge or background in money management. For this reason choosing a financial advisor came down to a matter of trust. I needed to feel assured of the character and integrity as well as the expertise of the individual that I chose to help me plan for our future. I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Tony and the Assante team from the time of our initial consultation to present day. I have the confidence that Tony is staying “current” with his credentialing and working in my best interest. Tony offers his clients ongoing opportunities to learn more about their financial future with courses in estate planning and more. I also appreciate his efforts to cultivate a sense of community with various client appreciation days. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone searching for an outstanding financial advisor.

— Dr. Timothy S.
Medical professional


We are very pleased with the service you have provided over the past ten years, including telephone calls, personal visits, and seminars to improve investment opportunities. Our portfolio has increased substantially and now that we are still benefiting from these continuing investment and withdrawals from our RRIFs we are able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. We have and will continue to recommend you to our family and friends.

— Gary & Marianne P.

Thank you for the opportunity to convey our level of satisfaction with regard to the services you have provided us over the past few years. I am addressing this letter to you as well as to the potential clients you will share it with. Often a simple thank you is all that is given, but is seldom enough to communicate how we truly feel. Prior to retaining you as our investment advisor and business structure/tax strategist, our personal and business financial plan was virtually non-existent. We were investing our residual income without any level of confidence and had neither the time nor the inclination to investigate how to structure a plan, let alone initiate any action. We needed help that required knowledge well beyond our level of expertise and that of our existing financial advisor. After our first meeting with you, we knew we were in good hands and felt comfortable with Assante’s approach to our financial situation. Your ability to separate our personal and business related finances, structure a tax savings strategy, call on other professionals within the Assante team, and work with our existing legal and accounting professionals created an efficient and easy to use system that we feel entirely confident with. We can now invest both personally and professionally with total peace of mind. Thanks you for your continued efforts to build our portfolio with patience and solid investment practices and we look forward to a prosperous business relationship for years to come.

— Kim & Andy A.
Business owners

As I am now in my eightieth year and you have looked after our investments for over twenty years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for my wife and myself in advising and directing us in our investments. Your assistance has enabled us to enjoy our retirement years without financial worries. We thank you and your staff for all you have and are still doing for us.

— Lionel & Diana P.


I would like to comment on the service and support you and your staff have provided to me over the past fifteen or so years. I have involved in the business world for all my working life and do not have the time or the knowledge to deal with investments. You and your staff have made me feel very comfortable no matter what questions I would ask and the courtesy and good service I have been extended has given me cause to recommend many of my friends to you. I feel very confident in the advice and decisions you have made for me in relation to my portfolio and am quite happy with the financial gains throughout the years. Please don’t hesitate to use my name as a reference at any time.

— Murray H.

Tony has been our financial advisor for over 20 years, and we have found both Tony and his staff to be very pleasant to work with, and efficient and effective in dealing with our questions and investment needs. Tony takes all the necessary time to answer, explain, and advise. He has been outstanding in improving his qualifications and keeping abreast of the changing financial scene. We have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a financial advisor.

— Paul & Joan L.
Retired physician

Upon retiring we felt we needed a financial advisor to assist us in planning for our future financial requirements. On a recommendation from a friend we contacted Tony Katarynych. We were impressed with his knowledge and expertise in the field of financial planning and have been satisfied with Tony and his staff for over ten years. We have enjoyed a good return on our investments by Tony and continue to be satisfied with his company’s excellent service.

— Rae & Alice H.
Retired business owners