Health, Dental and Extended Health Care Insurance

Manulife Financial offers Health, Dental and Extended Health Care benefits with the following options: 

* Coverage for Individuals and Families 
* Coverage for those who are self-employed or those whose group benefits have been terminated

Flexcare offers 7 different health and dental plans (3 of which are guaranteed issue) and many add-on benefits so that you can design a health plan that best meets your specific needs.

FollowMe offers 4 guaranteed issue plans which are designed to "bridge the gap" for people who are leaving a group plan due to job loss or retirement so that their health and dental coverage is not interrupted. As long as you apply within 60 days of leaving your group plan, you are guaranteed acceptance with FollowMe.

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Association Health and Dental plans offer 8 different plan choices with options for Dental only and Dental + Drug benefits.

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Manulife Financial offers the following travel insurance options:

*Out of province/out of country travel insurance for Canadians 
*Visitors to Canada travel insurance 
*Student travel insurance

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Life & Disability Insurance

We provide a variety of life insurance products to meet your needs.

  • Life Insurance and Living Benefits
  • Disability Insurance
  • Group Insurance

To learn more about which type of insurance is right for you, please use the form located at the bottom of this page:  include your name, date of birth, smoking status, pertinent medical information and a contact number to request a quote.

Alternatively, you can find our contact information under the Contact Us tab.