At Assante, we thrive on helping clients plan their financial health to give them peace of mind, knowing their financial future is in tip-top-shape.

At the beginning of all client relationships, we cover the whole scope of their investment scenario.  This includes all Registered and Non-Registered products, TFSA, Tax Planning, Insurance, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and helping with their credit requirements.

With a team of professionals from the Wealth Planning Group of Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP, at our finger tips, we can work towards ensuring our clients are receiving the most accurate information and planning strategies to maximize their success.  These professionals bring with them expertise in the insurance field, corporate tax structure, wealth management solutions and estate planning topics.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get to know the client, reviewing what they currently have and together with our support team, providing them with a plan that will carry them through to their retirement years.  We take complicated situations and make simple solutions so that our client understands exactly what they have and exactly where they want to be in the future.

We believe that satisfaction is watching our clients achieve their financial goals and enter their retirement years with peace of mind.

  • Business

    Our advisors work hand in hand with small business owners. With the assistance of our group of professionals, lawyers, accountants, insurance specialists, they will help with the various stages of business growth. They will make sure that succession planning and tax planning opportunities available to you, the small business owner, are addressed.

  • Charitable Giving

    Including charitable giving as part of your overall wealth plan can become beneficial not only to yourself and your heirs, but for those in your local community or in countries across the world.

    To ensure that your planned giving has the greatest impact, whether it’s a significant gift to a favourite charity or establishing a foundation, we have access to the tax, legal, and estate planning professionals to help guide your philanthropic path.

    If properly integrated, it can provide a tax-efficient means for you to transfer your wealth while supporting a cause that makes a difference to you and your community.

  • Debt Management

    Almost everyone incurs debt at some point in their lives and that’s why debt management should play a fundamental role in your financial planning. It is important for you to have the capacity to pay for unplanned expenses or major life changes.

    By assessing your current debt situation, we can assist you in handling your current debt and assess how well prepared you are to handle any upcoming financial commitments or unforeseen expenses.

  • Estates

    No one can predict the future with absolute certainty. However, with a solid estate plan on your side, you can gain piece of mind knowing that the steps needed to ensure your wishes for your family and estate, are in place for the future.

    By incorporating several key estate planning strategies that are based on your current circumstances and intended objectives, we can help you plan for where your assets will go, and how smooth the transfer will be.

  • Insurance & Risk Management

    Insurance is more than just a safety net. From basic life protection and tax-sheltered investing, to more advanced strategies, we can help you understand each insurance alternative and its potential benefits.

    With insurance planning as part of your wealth management strategy, you can manage risk at every stage of your personal and professional life to help strengthen and safeguard your family’s financial security.

  • Investment Planning Advice

    When it comes to investing, it is a disciplined approach that pays the greatest dividends.

    We can help you prepare a prudent investment strategy, tailored to your objectives and risk tolerance. We will then help you implement it, consistently and carefully, choosing from a broad range of best-in-class products and services. These services could include Assante’s exclusive investment programs, as well as thousands of individual mutual funds and wrap programs.

    As an Assante client, you have exclusive access to the customized United Financial brand of solutions managed by CI Investments Inc. With active management from portfolio managers around the world, these leading solutions combine investment expertise with premier wealth planning strategies. For our high net-worth clients, with more complex wealth planning needs, you’ll benefit from the exclusive Private Client option through Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP.

  • Life Changes

    Our advisors will help see you through any life changing experiences you or your family may have. From planning for a new home, to education planning, pension or retirement planning, divorce and helping with the loss of a loved one. Our team of advisors have the experience and dedication to support and guide you through moments that makes a life change in your family.

  • Pensions

    Our advisors will help you make an informative decision that’s right for you. Whether you are receiving an early retirement package, company pay out or lump sum, this is your money. With proper advise and planning your money can last you and your family a life time.

  • Private Client Services

    Our Private Client services offer our high net-worth clients wealth management solutions that integrate Investment Management with Wealth Planning as well as personalized advice for a comprehensive approach to managing their financial affairs.

    With the expertise and advice of specialists in our group, we develop detailed Financial and Estate Plans for our Evolution clients. For individuals and families with sophisticated and complex needs, requiring depth of knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines, we offer comprehensive wealth plans for qualifying clients of Evolution ($3 million or more) and Private Client Managed Portfolios ($1 million or more). These reports incorporate financial planning and risk management strategies, personal and business tax planning strategies, and wealth transfer strategies to solve estate planning and succession issues.

    Our ultimate goal is to help you provide complete financial and life management solutions that simplify and enhance the lives of our clients.

  • Retirement

    Research conducted for the Investment Funds Institute of Canada suggests that 74% of investors, with an advisor, felt that they would have enough money to retire with, compared to just 53% who did not have expert advice. (Ipsos Reid, 2010).

    If you’re not working with a financial professional towards your retirement goals, how much is it really costing you?

    No matter what stage of life you’re in; retiring soon, already retired, or just starting your retirement planning, we can help you plan for, as well as enjoy a financially secure retirement.

  • Taxation

    It’s a fact of life; the more you have, the more taxes you must pay. Smart tax planning means keeping more of your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your pocket.

    With tax implications to each and every element of your integrated wealth plan, we can recommend strategies designed to minimize the tax burden on your income and investments.

    Remember, it’s not so much what you make that counts – it’s what you keep.

  • Wealth Management

    Strategy, discipline and long-range planning are all well and good but you can’t put life on hold. What about the here and now? Your integrated wealth management plan needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the opportunities that present themselves today.

    By considering your cash and credit needs along with all the other components of your financial affairs, we ensure that you and your family enjoy the quality of life today while also working hard toward your financial goals for the future.