Our Wealth Planning Process

Our clients have credible and objective advice to ensure they:

  • Have clarity of day to day cash flow- savings and/or spending
  • Maximize their family/business tax savings
  • Have an investment program that delivers: maximum asset class diversification, top quartile managers, emotion-free decision making and competitive performance net of fees
  • Have a suitable and cost-efficient insurance plan

Pre-Engagement Process

Step 1: Initial Discovery- Your Goals, Our Process & Review

  • You and Your Goals: During our initial discussion, we start by getting to know each other.  We will take in your current details and identify your key goals, values and priorities.  
  • Our Process: We will explain our process and identify any documents for you to provide us.
  • Review: We will consider all facts and conduct any needed analysis to identify trends and/or opportunities.  We will arrange an in-depth meeting to go through your Initial Assessment & Evaluation.

Step 2: Initial Assessment & Evaluation

  • Analysis of Goals: We will discuss the initial analysis of your situation, confirm and prioritize your goals, and clarify any roadblocks we identify that hinder the achievement of those goals.
  • Value Proposition: We provide you with a quantitative and qualitative cost versus value summary that is specific to your situation.  We only suggest you consider becoming a client when you understand the value you can expect as a result of working with us, and we are confident that our service will provide you value that exceeds your costs.
  • The Engagement Process: If we agree there is a good fit then you would engage us to begin drafting your initial Personal Financial Plan. If not, we will most definitely part friends!  As we move forward with the development of your Personal Financial Plan, we guide you through the necessary paperwork and identify what you need to be doing on an ongoing basis relative to future decisions and product selection.

Post-Engagement Process

Step 3: Your Wealth Action Planning Report

  • The Plan: You will receive a written plan including your goals in priority status; your current financial position; a detailed summary and analysis of your personal financial strategy; the advice, tools and actions that you need to focus on for you in order that you can: optimize your cash flow, minimize your income tax, invest your money cost efficiently with the least amount of risk; effect an efficient and cost effective transfer your assets to each other and the next generation on second death.
  • We will review your plan and advice details until you have confident clarity to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Actualization

  • Implementation: My team and I will coordinate the full implementation of all action advice steps in your plan: Including the selection and acquisition of financial products and where needed, the coordination of other professional advisors.

Step 5: Progress and Future Planning

  • Progress Review Schedule: Identifies the optimal schedule for you to review your goals and progress relative to your Personal Financial Strategy and adjusts your advice action steps as required



Sandy Page & Associates Inc. is an outside business activity that may offer non-securities-related financial planning services. Any specific investment recommendations provided by Sandy Page must be done through Assante Financial Management Ltd. (“Assante”), a registered mutual fund dealer. Although Assante is not responsible for any service or product supplied through Sandy Page & Associates Inc., Assante will monitor for conflicts of interest, and investigate any client complaints related to services offered by Sandy Page & Associates Inc. Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate & Insurance Services Inc.

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