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Our Ideal Clients 

Where we bring the most value:

  • Who want financial peace of mind
  • Who want to retire or stay retired but don't know how to make certain it happens
  • Who believe in the value of delegating to professionals and need motivation to ensure they do the right things
  • Who recognize the value of a measurable and formulized approach to understanding their financial options and best actions

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Sometime after our retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces (RCAF), we knew we needed help with out investments. Sandy advised us on what we had and how it was invested, and she told us to come back in a few days and she would have a plan for us. She went back, and we were shocked at her plan as I thought our investments were good. However, she convinced us that her way was the way to go and here 30 years later we are very happy we trusted her advice. Everything she said happened and we are very pleased with our present portfolio. I have recommended other people to her and I would be happy to recommend anyone who asked me for financial advice to talk to Sandy Page.

— Doug & Margaret


We are extremely confident with the Page and Gomes team’s ability to do their job well. They have kept us on track and working together as a Team, they have ensured we have achieved our Financial Goals.
— Dave & Maria