Daniel Polus

Investment Advisor

Daniel Polus, an Investment Advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd. has been in the investment industry since 1996. He prides himself in developing relationships with clients for the purpose of achieving wealth creation while placing a strong emphasis on their health and personal well-being.

Originally from Montreal, Daniel was recruited at an early age in track and field for the Canadian olympic team. He is an accomplished athlete and strongly believes that success is a choice in life, and that wealth creation and financial independence are no different.

Daniel believes that following the recipes of the world's wealthiest individuals will allow for the same desired result...financial success. He places emphasis upon the importance of a healthy body and mind in leading a fulfilled life, and works with his clients to achieve this balance.

After graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Daniel relocated to Vancouver where he continues his career in the investment industry, an industry for which he has a strong passion and in which he has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their long- term financial and personal objectives. An avid traveler, Daniel has mastered several languages, including English, French and Hungarian.


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