Tax Planning

It’s a fact of life in this country; the more you have, the more you have to pay.

There are tax implications in every financial decision you make. Through tax planning, all elements of the financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning is an essential part of an individual's financial plan. Reduction of tax liability and maximizing the ability to contribute to retirement plans are crucial for success.

We can deploy a whole arsenal of tactics to minimize your tax burden:

  • Choosing tax-deferred and tax-exempt options
  • Optimizing tax-preferred income in non-registered plans
  • Establishing trusts and endowments
  • Splitting income among family members.


By focusing on after-tax returns, we believe we can add value for our clients. One of the ways we are able to achieve this is by actually preparing and filing your taxes ourselves. Because we are involved with both the tax preperation as well as the tax planning of your investments we are able to create the right strategies for you. 

The tax preperation work is not done through Assante, but rather Vancouver Financial Planning Consultants Inc (VFPC). VFPC is a separate company of which Robert is one of the founding members, and has existed for 35 years. You can visit the website here.  

If you already have a personal or corporate accountant that is great too. We work proactively with your professionals to ensure that any relevant tax planning is addressed. 


Tax preparation, non-securities financial planning, and estate planning services are provided through Vancouver Financial Planning Consultants Inc. ("VFPC"). VFPC is an independent company unrelated to Assante Financial Management Ltd. ("AFM"), a member of the Mutual Funds Dealers Association of Canada (“MFDA”) and MFDA Investor Protection Corporation. Mutual funds are provided through AFM and only those services offered through AFM are covered by the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation.