My husband and I are so fortunate to have Adriana and Brandon in our lives managing our investments, guiding us through the difficult times, and laughing through the good ones. When I first met Adriana I was her biggest skeptic and now I am her biggest fan! Adriana came into our lives when Brandon was still in grade school and she was helping my parents through a very difficult financial time. I did not trust this stranger coming into our lives and having access to personal information my parents did not even share with me. My mother was ill and my father was on the verge of losing his home with very little saved. Adriana was able to guide them through their final years and make their little funds grow and last allowing them enjoyment and dignity through their final years. Fast forward to today; where Adriana and Brandon have helped us through some personal difficult times such as extended illness and job loss to a secure retirement. I am amazed at their expertise even throughout extremely volatile markets. I can’t put into words the relief it gives me knowing that we have a solid retirement plan which includes spoiling our grandchildren. Adriana and Brandon are more than our wealth management team; they are our friends, and extended family who are kind, fun, intelligent and awesome at what they do.

— Cathy & Mike
Milton, ON

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Adriana and her son Brandon years ago on a personal level and we quickly knew we could trust her on a professional level. With Brandon now working alongside Adriana it is a dynamic team that only reinforces our confidence in their abilities. They know their clients well and take a genuine interest about what is happening in our lives. It truly is a familial feeling. They stay in touch regularly, always communicating clearly to ensure we understand the investment strategy they recommend. They stay on track to achieve our goals and constantly are at work behind the scenes to always stay on top of things. During volatile times with the market they are always available to answer any questions and explain options within our portfolio easing any uncertainty we may feel. They have surpassed our expectations. Transitioning into retirement has been a wonderful experience. My 94 year old mother has invested as well and is very happy! We highly recommend them!

— Barb, John, and Christine
Wainfleet, ON

At our last meeting with Adriana and Brandon we all laughed and kibitzed about our lives and our finances. That is the way it always is with their team. They set you at ease while they partner with you through the challenges of the markets and of life. As recent retirees, we have had to transition to a reliance on our investments for a significant portion of our take home income. And frankly, this had made us nervous. As they say though, the proof is in the pudding. Amidst pandemics and oil price wars that have caused unprecedented volatility, Adriana and Brandon have gently guided us along each moment. They have diligently kept us abreast of the ebbs and flows of the market; all the while professionally managing our investments. Always reminding us to stay the course by showing us how to take advantage of financial fluctuations and ensuring that we don’t miss the opportunities. We truly value their friendship and advice.

— Mark & Maureen
Kelowna, BC

I was fortunate enough to be referred by a friend to Adriana and Brandon at a turning point in my life. I was about to semi-retire and had assets that were invested but without a lot of attention and care so consequently, not with very much benefit. I needed the careful and detailed help that they both gave me to understand how to manage my tax situation, use all my TFSA and RRSP room to save me money both now and later as I am self-employed. They listened and created a post retirement budget for me that is easily manageable and it gave me so much peace of mind! They take the time to create a plan, carefully explain what they would like to do, and help you understand the options available to you. My portfolio is now growing and all the tax advantages are being utilized which resulted in a surprising tax refund this year! I am delighted with how it is going.

— Barbara
Crystal Beach, Ontario

It has been my great fortune to have Adriana, and her team at Assante, taking care of my financial needs for many years. I trust her implicitly, and depend on her recommendations and direction when making any changes to my portfolio. With Brandon rounding out the team, they are a group to be reckoned with in the financial world. I recommend them, with no hesitation, to all my friends and business contacts. If you are looking for that missing link to enhancing your business or personal portfolio management, be sure to contact Adriana. She and her team of experts will never disappoint you. They are always ready to go that extra mile…no matter where you live!

— Cyndy
Kingston, ON

Adriana has been managing my investments for years. She provides what I refer to as a "holistic" approach in that she takes into account income tax consequences, estate planning, and all financial information affecting my portfolio. Her management of my assets are transparent with no hidden fees or surprises. She is straightforward in her recommendations, always steady at the helm when the market rises and falls. Adriana, and now with her son Brandon, have made my retirement a time when I can truly enjoy life knowing that I am in good hands.

— Christopher

I first had a brief encounter with Adriana at a mutual volunteering event. Then, a friend referred me to a "financial consultant" who turned out to be... Adriana! At my appointment Adriana got to know me; my goals, my money sense, and hopes & dreams for the future. Together we made a plan. I left feeling empowered for the first time since I had assumed my ex's debt when we split. Then last year, a health issue forced me out of work. Both Adriana & Brandon dedicated the time, care & expertise needed to help me navigate an early retirement. I appreciate the "real" conversations we had around expectations, needs & lifestyle. They were compassionate and committed....simply put, they treated me like family.

— Julie
Niagara Falls, Ontario

It’s amazing what a difference it can make when you have the right advisor! Adriana became my financial planner 2 years ago. In that time, my tax returns have increased and we’ve diverted some of my retirement savings into a TFSA. I now have a vacation fund which is not interfering with the level of comfort I want when I retire. She takes the time to explain what’s going on and includes you in the decision making process instead of telling you what you should do. It has been a pleasure working with her and I’m sure it will be for many years to come!

— Amanda
Oshawa, Ontario