Be Well Advised

Here at Assante, our motto is “Be well advised” and this is what I wish to accomplish with this article. I sincerely hope to help others see the tremendous value that life insurance can add to the life of just about anyone who’s lucky enough to qualify for it. 


In addition to providing guaranteed, tax-free benefits directly into the bank account of your chosen beneficiary (or beneficiaries) and countless options for customization to fit each individual’s or family’s needs, life insurance can also be used as an elegant investment vehicle. This may allow for tax free withdrawals, in the form of a loan, that can be used for collateral on a mortgage, supplementing retirement income, or anything else you wish. And, the best part is, you may never have to worry about paying the loan back! This is just one way how insurance can help you in your lifetime while also protecting those that you’ll leave behind.


Other living benefits that I was personally moved by were critical illness ryders and policies. With fewer and fewer people dying of natural causes today, probabilities suggest that we or someone close to us will likely suffer from a critical illness at some point in our lifetime. For me, these statistics were alarming. When I learned that I could receive a lump sum, tax free benefit for anything want, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I owned one, and it wasn’t!


 I get great satisfaction knowing that if I was diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, or stroke (conditions I’ve selected) that I would be able to travel anywhere in the world and receive the best treatment available. I could have a get together with all of my family and friends and still be able to leave something behind to my loved ones before I passed on, in addition to what they’ll receive after I'm gone through my main life insurance policy. 

It also provides me peace of mind that I no longer need to consider the implications of an illness or death again; I know that I won’t be a burden to anyone, my finances won’t take a significant hit if I’m unable to work for an extended period, and I can just focus on getting better. 


In exchange for a modest premium, I was lucky enough to qualify for these benefits and they’ve provided me a great deal of satisfaction and peace of mind. If you agree and see the value in these products as well, don’t hesitate! The future is uncertain; you may medically qualify today, but not tomorrow. Call me today for a free consultation and, if nothing else, I promise you’ll be well advised.


Alexander A. Skoke, B.Sc

Insurance Advisor


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