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By understanding our clients' financial goals, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances, we provide tailored advice and solutions that resonate with each individual client. By pooling our knowledge, advisors can collectively address complex client needs, offering comprehensive solutions that draw on multiple perspectives. Collaboration leads to resource sharing, from research tools to administrative support, making operations more efficient and enhancing the client experience. Financial advisors often choose to work in a branch setting because it provides them with a supportive environment, access to resources, and a network of colleagues to collaborate with, ultimately enhancing their ability to serve clients effectively and navigate the complexities of the financial industry.

Advisory Teams

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Derrick Yee

Jeanette Boleantu

Keith McDonald

Leanne Meier

Maurice Walch

Roy Adams

Office Address

909 11 Ave SW #1410
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 1L7 Canada

Alexandria Wealth Management Group: Branch Team Members


Administrative Assistant:

Sarah Long,


Sarah is a dedicated professional with a heart full of kindness and a passion for service. With a welcoming smile, she keeps our office running smoothly and make every visitor feel at home. Sarah creates a welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. Her kindness, organization, and helpful nature are the heart of where our clients are received and assisted.   




Wardah Bukhari,

Double major in Economics and Law & Society with a minor in Sociology


Her diverse academic background, coupled with a keen understanding of the intricate intersections between economics, legal systems, and societal structures, enables her to offer unique and holistic insights into complex issues. With a passion for addressing multifaceted challenges, Wardah brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic perspective to their advisory role, contributing to well-informed decision-making and innovative solutions.




Ben Walch,

Bachelor's of Commerce, Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®)


His academic background and vast industry experience equips him with a strong foundation in financial principles and economic insights, making him a valuable asset. With a commitment to making informed financial decisions, Ben brings a unique skill set that aligns with his dedication to providing comprehensive and sound financial advisory services.



Senior Wealth Advisor:

Maurice Walch, 

B.Comm, CFP®, CLU®



As a leading wealth advisor in Calgary for more than 25 years, he focuses on advanced wealth management strategies for both individuals and the owners of privately held corporations. A former director of Wellspring Calgary and Past President of Cancervive, he continues to volunteer his time co-chairing the Finance Committee for Wellspring Calgary.




Senior Wealth Advisor:

Derrick Yee, BA



Derrick is a key player executing operational excellence in the Alexandria Wealth Management Group with client experience, modernizing the business with single solution technology stack and focus on innovation. He has a diploma in Business Management from SAIT and more than 15 years of wealth advisory experience. Married with three children, he enjoys golfing and hockey, coaches’ baseball, and basketball for his kids, and believes in being respectful and honest above all.



Senior Wealth Advisor:

Keith McDonald, BA, CFP®



Senior Advisor Technical expertise on the investment advisory and financial planning landscape. A graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Keith has lived in Calgary since 1997. He began his career with London Life and now has more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning industry. He works very hard, listens with great care, is extremely capable and believes that the ultimate accomplishment is earning clients’ trust.




Julie Thomas, B. Comm (Hons)



Tenured background with a long history, knowledge and experience working directly on the product investment side of the financial service industry. Her technical expertise is foundational to the support advisor with Keith McDonald and the execution of the client service delivery model. Julie graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has lived in Calgary since 1996. Her passion is talking with clients to make sure she understands them fully. She wants to earn their trust and be the first call when something changes in their life.



Senior Financial Advisor:

Roy Adam, CFP®



Whether it's a worry-free retirement, saving for your children’s education, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, running a prosperous business, or leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a cherished cause, he can work with you every step of the way. His role is to provide wealth management services throughout the country with its professional advisors. The wellbeing of Canadian families and businesses is a vital aspect of his commitment.



Client Relations Associate: Jennifer Ziegler 



Seasoned in investment industry administration with 15+ years of experience, adept at providing professional support for seamless operations and efficient workflow, with a demonstrated ability to connect effectively with others. Strives diligently to foster collaboration with both colleagues and clients.



Senior Wealth Advisor: Leanne Meier, CFA®



A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation is the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world. Also holds an MBA degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Understands the unique challenges and needs of women and enjoy helping them become more financially astute and gain more control over their financial independence. Committed to providing my clients with peace of mind, knowing their financial affairs are taken care of so they can enjoy what they like to do best.



Senior Wealth Advisor: 

Jeanette Boleantu, BMGT, CFP® PFP®



Builds and delivers strategic advanced planning solutions to Canadian Families both within Canada and Abroad. Specializes in managing the financial affairs of high-net-worth families and focuses on working with a team of professionals to provide innovative and customized solutions to preserve and enhance wealth. Works with Canadians that have international complexities to their financial DNA (Expat), intergenerational wealth transfer and philanthropy.




Data Analyst:

Carolyn Boleantu BSc,


Strategic client experience. Delivery of technology integration, marketing initiatives, compliance and regulatory reform, client life-cycle management and ensuring practice delivery on key strategic pathways. International project management experience - IT and business integration and passion for community engagement. (Currently on team Canada for field hockey)





Maurice Walch

Senior Wealth Advisor

Roy Adam

Senior Financial Advisor

Ben Walch

Wealth Advisor

Keith McDonald

Financial Advisor

Julie Thomas

Financial Advisor

Wardah Bukhari

Administrative Associate

Derrick Yee

Senior Wealth Advisor

Leanne Meier

Financial Advisor

Sarah Long

Administrative Assistant

Jeanette Boleantu

Senior Wealth Advisor

Carolyn Johnson

Data Analyst

Jennifer Ziegler


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