Investing and Taxes 

Savings Growth — Estimate the future value of your savings by changing the investment amounts, rates of return and years of growth. 

Cost of Waiting to Invest — See how much more you will have in your retirement fund if you start investing now. 

Real Rate of Return — This tool determines the real rate of return on a taxable investment after taking taxes and inflation into account, and illustrates what the investments will be worth, in after tax dollars. 

RRSP Tax Savings — Estimate the tax savings on your RRSP contribution. You can enter three different amounts to compare the savings. 

TFSA vs Taxable Investment — Discover the tax-free growth advantage of investing in a TFSA instead of taxable investment. 

Income Tax — Estimate the taxes you owe based on your taxable income and the province you live in. 

How to Find your TFSA & RSP Contribution Room

*** Please note: If you are checking your contribution room in the first few months of a new year, the CRA will not be up-to-date for the previous year’s transactions. Therefore if you have made contributions or withdrawals in the current or previous calendar year, you may need to adjust for these until the CRA has updated these details. This is typically done in April each year

Please provide us with the information obtained below, to ensure that the information we have on record is accurate.

CRA Website: My Account for Individuals

1. Visit the CRA website My account for Individuals

2. Although you can use Option 1, we recommend proceeding with Option 2 as the information will be more complete. Click on “CRA Login”, or “CRA Register” if this is your first time accessing.


After you log in you can scroll the main page until you see your RRSP and TFSA Room



4. Click "Go to RRSP and TFSA details"

5. Click “View TFSA details”

6. Click “Transaction Summary” and then "Next" to obtain your full TFSA contribution history

Contact CRA Directly - Tax Information Phone Service 1-800-267-6999

1. Call 1-800-267-6999

Press 1 (for English)

Press 5 (for registered accounts)

Press 3 (for TFSAs)

Press 1 (for room)

You will need your date of birth, SIN and Line 1500 (used to be line 150) from last year’s return on your Notice of Assessment.


Education Planning 

Start Education Planning Now — See how saving early can make a significant difference. 

Tax Benefits of an RESP — Discover how tax sheltered growth in an RESP can build a post-secondary school education fund for your children. 

Financial Planning 

Cash Flow — Get a better idea of where your money goes by creating a personal cash flow statement. 

Net Worth — Calculate what you own and what you owe – an important step in planning your financial future. 

Investor Profile — Understanding yourself as an investor is important when creating an effective investment portfolio. 

Retirement Planning 

Inflation and Retirement Income — Estimate how much more income you will need at retirement to maintain the standard of living that you have today. 

Will the Money Last? — Estimate how long your retirement savings will last if you make regular, annual income withdrawals and factor in inflation. 

RRIF Payment — Calculate your RRIF payment and see how long the funds with last. 

TFSA vs RRSP — Find out how your marginal tax rate, and whether you invest or spend your RRSP tax refund, affects the growth of your TFSA or RRSP. 

Investment services and strategies

At CI Assante Wealth Management, we will work with you to develop a personalized wealth management strategy to meet all your financial milestones. Your plan will be designed based on your goals and needs, built with best-in-class investments, and continually monitored to ensure it keeps you on track toward the future you desire. If you are looking for a financial solution that will simplify and enhance your life, please contact me for a confidential consultation.