I bring a research-based financial planning ethic and long term outlook approach to building investment portfolios. I manage the core of clients' wealth - the serious money.

I believe one of the biggest risks investors face is terminal wealth risk -"will you have enough money?" Financial planning includes having an investment strategy that has the greatest probability of achieving the client's financial goals. My research indicates that a key to building wealth is to avoid the big investment mistakes. Win by not losing. Avoiding the big mistakes means owning high quality, dependable investments as the core of a portfolio.

I do not believe that market timing works because I have not seen any evidence that it does. Superstar money managers, such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, say that market timing does not work. My opinion is if market timing could be done, there would be plain evidence and a published track record.

Some advisors sell the latest investment trends, practice at market timing, sell IPOs, sell new mutual funds that have no track record, and look for the big winners. Sizzle is exciting, it sells well, and it generates commissions. Personally, I do not believe that a sales approach builds long term wealth for clients because I do not see evidence that it works.

I have a "show me the proof" mind-set, which results in core successful portfolios. I work best with clients who seek to work with an experienced, trusted, professional advisor who takes an intelligent approach to building wealth.