Our Process

Becoming a client

At Assante, we make sure you have all the information you need before making such an important decision as choosing a financial advisor. We provide all prospective clients with a detailed advisor profile, explanation of our services, and a company overview that explains the advantages we offer to our clients. We listen to your goals and dreams, evaluate your current financial situation, then formulate a plan to help you meet those goals. In the end, you will have a plan that addresses all of your needs by providing the most effective solutions for you and your family.

What We Do

  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Build the Right Strategy
  • Help Avoid the Big Mistakes
  • Maximize Tax Planning Opportunities
  • Plan For the Expected And the Unexpected
  • Create Good Inheritors

How We Do It

Establish Your Goals and Objectives, Gather Facts
  • Get a better understanding of your family, your situation, your goals, your dreams, your hang-ups and your views on money.
  • Position the planning process.
  • Gather facts and information.
Analyze Your Current Financial Situation
  • Gather specific data on investments, mortgages, tax returns, group benefits and retirement plans.
  • Enter data into financial planning software.
  • Prepare and draft plan for editing.
Review Wealth Accumulation Plan
  • Review current financial plan if available.
  • Input data and goals for draft wealth accumulation plan.
  • Review opportunities and consider contingencies.
  • Review retirement risks (longevity risk, market risk, inflation risk).
Discuss Risk Manangement and Estate Planning Goals and Objectives
  • Make long-term plans as if we were going to live forever.
  • Plan for contingencies (living too long, not living long enough, injury or illness).
  • Plan strategies to manage the risk including risk avoidance, risk reduction and risk transfer.
Review Risk Manangement and Estate Plan
  • Risk Management: The process of assessing and determining the financial impact of unexpected events (job loss, premature death, disability or critical illness) and developing a plan to minimize this impact.
  • Assess planning strategies to minimize risk
Implement, Monitor and Review
  • Wealth accumulation plan.
  • Risk management and estate plan