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We appreciate that you have worked hard to attain your wealth — and we know that you desire to do good, invest well, and pass on not only your wealth, but also your values to the generations to follow. We also know that managing your wealth can be complex and time-consuming. As your Assante advisor, together we will help you define and prioritize each of your goals and we build a comprehensive wealth plan that will help you achieve them. We will walk beside you throughout your life to help you navigate all of the challenges and complexities you may face along the way. 

Brant Taylor, CFP, R.F.P.

Financial Advisor

Wealth builder and asset protector, serving business and retirees

 Primary Role

Helping your family keep the assets you work so hard for, rather than watch your earnings be siphoned off to income taxes.

 Fast Facts

    Senior Financial Planner (1991)

    BBA (Economics), CFP, R.F.P., CLU, CEA

    Advisor of the Year award

    Member: Advocis

    Clients: Business owners and retirees

    Serves clients in both the Lower Mainland and in Kelowna

    Business owner since 1986

 Service Summary

    Help you achieve your goals

    Increase your business income

    Grow your portfolio

    Lower your taxes

    Inter-generational advice for business owners and families

Financial DNA: Driver

Brant says, "I draw a financial roadmap for you that shows you a clear path for building and then protecting your family's wealth for the future, while allowing you to enjoy life TODAY!"

He adds, "Our time here is very short, so let's make it count."

High taxes, volatile markets, low interest rates, looming inflation, preserving assets for our families: these are all weighty concerns.

Brant lightens this load by giving you a personal, comprehensive plan that saves you taxes, gives you a stable income, and invests your money wisely.

Working with a strong team of specialists, Brant uses his advanced tax-saving strategies to save his clients tens of thousands of dollars every year! He is very proud of achieving such great results for his clients, and he has some dramatic case studies he can describe for you.

He enjoys the challenge of reorganizing or enhancing new clients financial structures to preserve your money for more productive and satisfying uses than income taxes.

When not busy at the office, Brant enjoys a variety of activities, including hockey, card games, biking, curling, golfing and travelling.

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Investment services and strategies

At CI Assante Wealth Management, we will work with you to develop a personalized wealth management strategy to meet all your financial milestones. Your plan will be designed based on your goals and needs, built with best-in-class investments, and continually monitored to ensure it keeps you on track toward the future you desire. If you are looking for a financial solution that will simplify and enhance your life, please contact me for a confidential consultation.



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