It has been over 20 months since COVID-19 cases were identified in Canada.  Life post pandemic will most likely include some level of COVID-19 exposure risk.  As people begin to travel more, most insurance companies that offer travel insurance have had to revise and update their coverage and exclusions.

As with any type of insurance it is extremely important to review the exclusions very carefully to ensure you are aware in any gaps in the coverage and are comfortable with those that exist.

Some common exclusions to be aware of include:

  • In regard to cruise travel, some insurers will not provide any coverage for COVID-19 and related complications if you have not received the vaccine.

  • Some insurers will not pay any expenses related to the cost of and any expenses for a COVID-19 test that is mandated by any body with appropriate authority (eg. Government) for entry into or exit from a jurisdiction or to use its services.

  • Most policies include trip interruption coverage but with limitations.  If your original trip duration is less than 30 days expenses or benefits will not be covered.

  • Expenses will not be covered if your trip is interrupted because of quarantine or self-isolation in Canada as mandated by any government.

  • Any expenses due to an official travel advisory issued by the Government of Canada are not covered.

  • For some plans with trip cancellation insurance, since COVID-19 is considered a known situation, cancelling, or interrupting a trip for a reason related to the pandemic remains not covered.

As Canadians begin travelling again the decision to obtain travel insurance become even more important than before the COVID-19 pandemic.  Be sure to work with your insurance advisor and read the entire contract to ensure you have the right coverage that will work for you.

Be Well Advised

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