1. What is Chris' role as a Financial Planner?

Chris’ role as a financial planner is to help his clients make intelligent, forward-thinking decisions with their money - decisions that will give them peace of mind and improve their ability to reach the goals they have set for themselves and their family. 

Chris listens carefully and patiently to his clients' concerns, designs customized long-term strategies that address those concerns, and coaches clients in developing the perseverance and discipline to see the results come to fruition.

Chris acts as his clients' personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  His responsibility is to understand the big picture by evaluating the entirety of a client's financial health: retirement planning, tax planning, investment selection and monitoring, risk tolerance assessment, multi-generational estate planning, education funding, insurance needs, and cash flow management.  

2. What are Chris' qualifications and experience?

Chris holds the Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) and has over 26 years of experience in advising individuals and families.  He is an international member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and holds a B.A. with honours from McGill University as well as a B.Sc.F. from the University of New Brunswick.

3. Who does chris serve?

Chris seeks long-term relationships with those who are serious about achieving and maintaining financial security for themselves and their families.  Within this context, potential clients should be focused on preserving or improving the long-term value of their assets, should be moderate in their risk tolerance, and should have at least $250,000 in family assets available for investment. 

Potential clients must be willing to work honestly and openly over the long term with an experienced financial professional and be willing to value and pay for the ongoing advice and guidance provided. They should also be willing to follow and implement financial advice, keep an open mind to new ideas, be patient by nature, and stay focused on long-term progress rather than short-term market ups and downs.

4. What is a financial plan?

A financial plan is an overview of an individual's or a family's financial situation that takes their goals and objectives into account.  It focuses on areas such as:  income tax planning, wealth management, estate planning, risk management, education funding, and retirement funding.  The plan includes an analysis of the client's current financial status as well as an outline of recommended strategies that are designed to improve the probability of achieving the client's financial goals and objectives.  Depending on specific wishes, some or all of these areas will be addressed in the financial plan.

  • Chris waives all buy/sell commissions on mutual funds and similar investments.  Buys/sells are on a purely "no-load" basis - no fee to buy and no fee to sell regardless of holding period.  For individual securities (e.g. stocks), buy/sell commissions follow Assante guidelines and can be discounted up to 50%.
  • Assante receives a portion of the management fee charged by the fund manager for the ongoing management of the fund.  These are commonly known as “trailer” fees and range from 0.25% to 1.00% annually on the fund's value.  They apply to all forms of “managed money” (i.e. mutual funds, pooled funds, segregated funds, investment counselling arrangements (e.g. the Assante Private Client program)).  The trailer fee ties Chris' ongoing compensation to the value of a client's portfolio - one cannot do well without the other.
  • Flat or hourly fee can be charged for one-off services such as the provision of a comprehensive financial plan, components thereof, or any other consultation (after the initial meeting). Generally, such a fee-for-service arrangement is used only in circumstances where a client's investment portfolio is not going to be overseen by Chris.
6. What type of investment strategy does chris generally recommend?

Chris prefers to follow proven long-term investment strategies that do not change with short-term swings in the financial markets.  Years of experience in advising real clients have proven to him the need for consistency and perseverance in one's investment strategy.  

Chris does not chase "hot stocks".  He prefers to rely on diversified portfolios that use carefully vetted professional money managers who have proven track records through good and bad market periods.  

Chris invests his own family's money in the same funds he recommends to his clients.


No.  However, Chris has an established network of experienced Chartered Accountants to whom he can refer his clients for accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation, and related business services.

8. ARE CLIENTS' information and data kept confidential?

Of course.  It's the law.

9. Once a plan is completed, does A CLIENT'S relationship with chris end?

Definitely not.  Chris focuses on people who are interested in a long-term relationship with a trusted financial planner.  Working with Chris is a process and not a one-time event.  He provides ongoing service and advice on all financial subjects, periodic face-to-face reviews, and impromptu consultations as required.

10. How is Chris different from other financial PLANNERS?            

Many of today's financial planners are bound or incented by their firms to sell mainly their own products to generate higher revenue for the firm.  This may hinder the advisor's ability to provide objective, unbiased advice to a client.

As a Certified Financial Planner professional, Chris has a responsibility to put his clients' needs first and adhere to the financial planning process.

11. what can ONE expect at ONE'S first meeting with chris?

The first meeting is designed to simply "get acquainted", and for both/all parties to assess whether a long-term advisory relationship will be worthwhile.  Chris will ask a lot of questions about the individual's or family's current situation, as well as their needs and goals, in an effort to understand exactly what they want to accomplish. Of course, any and all questions about Assante and Chris' professional background and experience are welcomed and encouraged. 

If both/all are in agreement and Chris feels his expertise will be beneficial, a follow-up appointment will be booked to either present a proposal or dive deeper into the next stage of the planning process (i.e. the gathering of all financial data and pertinent documentation).

To book an appointment, call or email Chris at (613) 729-3222 or at cheinrich@assante.com.



Assante Private Client is a division of CI Private Counsel LP which is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corp.