Client Testimonials

What Clients Say

 We value our relationships with all of our clients and pride ourselves on our exceptional support and service. Find out what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

We have a core belief at Invesco that ‘Canadians are best served by a skilled, knowledgeable, and principled Financial Advisor’. There are many advisors in Canada who have one or two of those attributes, but very few have all three. Chris is one of those advisors who is skilled, knowledgeable, and principled. In my experience, to have all three is rare.

— D. Redwood – VP Regional Sales, Invesco

I want to thank you for your wise counsel, and for putting the decision into a form where I could actually make one.

— S. Segall – Client since 2000 CEO, Major International Financial Institution

The performance of my portfolio over the more than ten years that I have worked with you has been very good. In spite of the difficult circumstances of the last few years, I have done well, especially compared to the awful experiences of people I know. You have given me good advice.

— A. Camire – Client since 1994

I remember a few years ago when the tech stocks were going nuts, I had $50,000 in my pocket. You said to pay down my mortgage. Many Advisors would not have said that. It was good advice and I'm glad we did it.

— C. Tabbitt – Client since 1999

A long time ago, I was questioning the investment strategy. I was asking questions about why we didn’t have more technology and growth stocks. Now I see what you were concerned about. Many of those tech stocks are worth 10 cents on the dollar, while we have made a decent return and avoided losses. The way you balanced the portfolio turned out to be right.

— D. Plant – Client since 1998

I get 2 cold calls a week from financial sales people offering to give me all sorts of financial advice and wanting to take over my portfolio, I tell them that I have a financial advisor, I’ve been getting 8% or 10% returns over the last 10 years, my Advisor kept me from buying Bre-X and Tech stocks, but more importantly he has taught me how to double my income, grow a real RRSP, have more time off and manage my life. Even better he did this by leading me about how to manage my affairs, and not how to get rich quick. An even steady approach always wins.

— R. Van Groll – Client since 1995

I think of my Financial Advisor as my Coach. Chris would suggest to me very simple things that at first would seem extremely difficult to achieve, once I achieved them I could not believe how simple it really was to accomplish. At first, I was afraid to grow my own business, add staff, and expand. Chris would ask me about my way of doing things, which would ultimately make me realize that my methods were not the best use of my time and my skills. The next thing I knew I was achieving better results. Better results for me meant that I could add more to my investments. I think that is the ultimate advice.

— R. Van Groll – Client since 1995

My new Passat Wagon is stunning my friends and neighbours. They want to know ‘how come’, so I tell them about your expertise in money management.

— K. Martin – Client since 1993

We believe that you have an excellent understanding of our financial objectives and have been able to design a portfolio that is helping us reach these objectives. Our regular meetings give us the confidence that you are managing our portfolio effectively and keeping our strategy on track. While we were disappointed by the low returns several years ago, some of our friends lost significant amounts of money, so we are pleased that you have managed a positive return for us through all of this.

— C. Salmers – Client since 1993

We also appreciate your ability to educate us regarding the activity in the larger markets beyond our portfolio and the implications for our financial strategy.

— B. Salmers – Client since 1993

I can sleep at night because I have confidence in you Chris. You make my money grow! I don’t know how to do that, you do.

— K. Martin – Client since 1993

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the way you handle my portfolio. True, my capital was down, which is to be expected during a bear market. But, holy mackerel, you have made me a lot of money. After adding up all the income you have provided me with, I couldn't believe my numbers and redid my calculations. They are totally awesome! I never worried about my investment with you, but on the other hand I never realized how much gratitude I owe you. I know close to a dozen people who have lost a fortune by investing through banks, various brokers etc. So, Chris, thank you for your knowledge, vigilance, honesty, ethics, and above all for having the best interest of your clients at heart, so we can sleep peacefully at night.

— R. Walters – Client since 1995