We Believe Client Choice Matters

We have three service levels for clients to choose from.  Which service level is best for you depends on your needs, goals and complexity.  For new clients we take our time reviewing your situation and then outline what areas that we can add value.  We will then put together a formal engagement of service that outlines all the areas we are going to work on and the full list of services we are going to provide, along with the cost of delivering that service level.  Each year we review your service level and you get to chose if they want to re-engage with that same service level or if you want to change.

  • Investment Focus - For clients that just want us managing their investment needs
  • Personal Finance - For clients that want advice around their retirment planning, tax planning, will and estate planning and cashflow planning
  • Private Wealth - For clients that have more significant complexities that may include corporations, holdings companies and trust structures