Here is a description of the program components

1.  Discovery Process

We begin by addressing the question " What's important about money to you?"

2.  Establishing your Milestones

What are your three most important financial goals?  When do you want them completed?  How much will it cost?

3.  Taking a Snapshot

We'll look at "where you are now" under four headings:  cash reserves, debt, risk management and growth.

4.  Creating Your Financial Roadmap

We will quite literally create a personalized Financial Roadmap which you can begin to use immediately to chart and control your financial future.

5.  The Comprehensive Assessment

All documents are reviewed and analyzed and form the basis of your Master Plan.

6.  Develop Your Personalized Wealth Enrichment Master Plan

The plan addresses all aspects of your relevant financial affairs and includes analysis, commentary and recommendations relating to everything from your net worth, to your investment portfolio to tax strategies, life and disability insurance, estate preservation strategies and everything in between. 

The Financial Road Map points the direction.  The Wealth Enrichment Program contains the "how to" and fills in the details of the journey. 

7.  The Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement is a business plan covering one's personal financial affairs.  It provides a direction and a framework within which investment decisons can be made rationally.  In the absence of an IPS, investment decisions are often driven by the twin emotions of fear and greed, governed by the heavy reliance on the daily market activity as a guide.  The results of this approach have been that investors achieved significantly lower returns than they could have.  Integral to the development of your IPS is our Investment Profile.  This document identifies your characteristics as an investor so that the Investment Policy Statement can be consistent with your situation.

The IPS recommends a specific asset allocation, a range of investments, geographic diversification, and different management styles and projects an expected rate of return.

8.  Implement The Master Plan By Priority

We clearly identify the most important steps to be taken and implement them in order of priority.  When recommendations are in priority order, implementation is easier.  Completion leads to a sense of satisfaction, energy and real progress.

9.  Create Your Legacy Book

The Legacy Book is one of the most popular and valuable components of The Wealth Enrichment Program.  This Book contains every significant aspect of your financial life.  It is the kind of resource that we all know we should have (and update), but most don't.  It includes copies of your will, Power of Attorney, life insurance policies, quarterly Investment Statements, information on all bank accounts, names and addresses of your Wealth Enrichment Team, location and contacts regarding safety deposit boxes, and much more.  Once completed, it provides immense peace of mind for its' owner.

10.  Regular Review of Progress

Once the Master Plan is prepared and implementation begins, it's important to review progress and make fine tuning adjustments to it as necessary on an on-going basis.  Provision is made for regular contact throughout the year.  During meetings we will keep you informed, up to date and confident about your financial future.  Among other things, we will:

- Compare investment progress to appropriate benchmarks
- Update you on issues of importance
- Inform and educate so you can tune out the daily "financial noise" to which we are subjected, allowing focus on fundamental principles necessary for success.